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Patch Notes 28/03/2020

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Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#1 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:31 pm

X2 Weekend Until the end of the weekend.





- Fixed an error that would allow training renown abilities even when prerequisites weren't met

- Spending money while unarmored will now give the correct title unlocks

- Fall damage should now more accuratly apply.

- Fall damage has been adjusted.

- Fixed an issue which would cause players to randomly die to fall damage.

- You will no longer be disconnected when trying to use a last name which contains a prohibited word.


- Riccekac Warshard is now mounted.

- Dieden Bloodmane is now patrolling inside the PQ 'Gore Wood'

- Rebellious Servants will now correctly count as High Elves

- Corrupted Thralls are once again humans, like they should be

- Corrupted Priests are once again humans, like they should be


Marauder changes have been applied on the server. They will be applied to tooltips following a client patch later this week.

The following Marauder abilities have been adjusted: (PSM = Primary Stat Multiplier)
  • Thunderous Blow: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Cutting Claw: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Draining Swipe: PSM 0.75 -> 0.95
    Gut Ripper: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Tainted Claw: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Corruption: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Rend: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Pulverize: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Convulsive Slashing: PSM 0.6 -> 0.7
    Impale: PSM 1.5 -> 1.7
    Debilitate: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Unstable Convulsions: PSM 0.6 -> 0.7
    Wave of Terror: PSM 0.75 -> 1.75, drains morale instead of stopping it
    Crushing Blows: Reduced Chance to proc off melee attacks to 10%, morale stopper added (and actually works lol)
    Concussive Jolt: PSM 0.86 -> 1.25
    Wrecking Ball: PSM 0.22 -> 0.33
    Wave of Mutilation: PSM 0.38 -> 0.55
    Flail: PSM 0.75 -> 1.0
    Demolition: PSM 0.86 -> 1.13
    Mutated Energy: PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
    Mouth of Tzeentch: PSM 0.75 -> 1.0
    Gift of Savagery (8394): PSM 1.5 -> 1.65
- Fixed Black Orc, WL , Mara , Zealot , Rune Priest and Archmage sovereign 8 piece bonus. They will work as intended with the correct values .

- Squig Herder : Spiked squig Poisoned Spine is now correctly flagged as ailment.

- White lion : Pack Hunting will be correctly removed if you don’t have Trained to Hunt activated.

- Chosen : Seeping wound dot will correctly critically hit . Note that the proc from it still won’t crit like all proc .

- Chosen : Dire Shield won’t require to have a friendly target to use it

- Black Orc : Tree hit combo is now accessible at the appropriate level .


- Tank Warlord and Sov boots now have the correct 16HP per second ( 64HP per 4 seconds in-game )


- The Open Parties and Warbands function should no longer show "None" instead of a members name in a party.


- Guilds will now only show in the "Guild Search" tab for new players if they have set their "actively recruiting" preferences in Recruit -> Advertise to include "New Players".

- People in Guilds can now use the Recruit -> Search to search for other guilds looking to form or join Alliances.


- Rooting out Corruption: This quest line has been corrected and reworked

- The Sign: This quest has been reworked and is now available only if you have completed the quest line 'Rooting out Corruption'

- A Rock to Remember: The text of this quest has been corrected and Roland will now generously give you his golden tooth for helping him

- Purifying Flame: The quest rewards have been set

- Profane Dreams: The quest rewards have been set

- Ransacked Vale: You will now have to recover the Supplies and the Message Pouch, and the quest rewards have been set

- Sanctified Ground: You will now have to kill the Corrupted Warmagi instead of the Corrupted Magi

- Bottom of the Barrel: This quest line has been corrected and is now available only if you have completed the quest 'Purifying Flame'

- Passing Through: Liebert Naubhof will now give you the report to deliver to Captain Nuhr

- The Dannenberg Dare: You will now have to collect a Corpse Sample from the Afflicted Corpse, and you will have the luck to take some of this sample with you when you turn in the quest


- The Catacombs and the Grim Monastery in southeast Ostland have had their population reorganized and the uncorrect GameObjects, cleared

- Kadrin Valley: Tunnel of Baradum gates are now openable.

- Talabecland: Schuler Estate door is now openable.

- Talabecland: The Bell Tower gates are now openable.

- Reikland: Ritterburg tavern door is now openable.


[15806] The Destruction quest giver for the Black Crag Keep scenario quest has been moved closer to the spawn
[16120] The Doors of Flame for the Dark Elf Epic Quest 'The Ebon Flame' are now a portal that will lead you out of the Flameshrine
[15737] The typo has been corrected

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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#2 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:39 pm

- Fixed an issue which would cause players to randomly die to fall damage.
This is literally the best patch this game has ever had.
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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#4 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:46 pm

Not doing the mara stat buffs yet? :-(

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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#5 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:54 pm

The Patch broke Umlaute... you only get ?? instead of ö or ä *sad german noises*

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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#6 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:57 pm

Thank you for the Chosen fix! Much appreciated.
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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#7 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:57 pm

pls change the mastery bonus on choppa Offensive sov set, give it +2 Savage

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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#8 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:00 pm

Foofmonger wrote:
Sat Mar 28, 2020 1:46 pm
Not doing the mara stat buffs yet? :-(
didn't they say this patch too? le sigh

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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#9 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 2:21 pm

nice pack, when will you release nicks blocked and unused for two years?

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Re: Patch Notes 28/03/2020

Post#10 » Sat Mar 28, 2020 3:20 pm

- White lion : Pack Hunting will be correctly removed if you don’t have Trained to Hunt activated.

Still not fixed.
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