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Patch Notes 4/11/2017

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Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#1 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:35 am

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Hotfixes 5.11.2017


- Auras from Chosen and KotBS are now removed on bolster and debolster as they could get stuck in a bolstered state, which is too powerful for a lower level.

- Lined up the correct tooltip values for Bullet and Kiss procs for WH/WE

[Public Quests]

- Public Quests will now add you back to a public quest if you are removed from them for any reason (ie; end of Public Quest, leaving the public quest and returning, etc)
- Public Quest decay has now been implemented. 15 minutes of no contribution will result in your contribution being reset.
-Active public quests that are sent on zoning will now show the active, not total amounts of players at a specific public quest.

-Fixed an issue where White Lion pets were having too much of a stat when overrides were used.
-Fixed the killswitch for White Lion pet overrides.
-The .getstats command can be used on your own pet now.
-Inspecting a player will now send relevant info about the set that an item in the inspect window may contain.
-Skills that scale off of Toughness or Wounds will now use reduced crit chance as crit chance (only applies to WL's leonine frenzy)

- Patch Notes -


- Added backend to enable some additional VFX casting
- Added backend to modify buff duration on certain casts
- Server will now discard any GM tickets made from reporting the medallion or PQ mail as spam

- Grouped players that die will now only continue to gain xp/inf/rr from the kills of their comrades for 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the dead player's gains will cease.
- If you are more than 8 levels higher than the mobs you're farming you will no longer receive xp. Pick on something your own size.
- Fixed the accidental nerfing of xp gains while in a group. My bad, you guys.
- Champs and heroes are exhausted of being farmed and have asked that their xp rewards be reduced.


- Updated the ab changelist in accordance to Torques changes

Added VFX to -

Monstrous Rending
Black Horror
Wings of Heaven
Surge of Insanity
Daemonic Scream
Bad Gas
Barbed Wire
Knight/Chosen Auras
None Shall Pass

Increased size of Squigbeast

Renown Ability Changes

Disabled Resolute Defence and Cleansing Wind

Class Changes

Fire Clown

Tactic - Flashfire - Set this effect can now only happen once every 6 seconds.

Witch Elf

Ability - Sacrificial Stab now grants the Blessing Shriek of Death for 10s, this Blessing increases the players Auto Attack speed by 10% per resource point spent.
Ability - Sacrificial Stab now casts the Ailment Hindering Cut upon the hit target, this Ailment snares the player affected by it by 3% per resource point spent.

Witch Hunter

Ability - Dragon Gun now knocks down the primary target for 3s

White Lion Rework

Lion Pet

AOE splash damage no longer lands on Lions, AOEs can be anchored off them and they will take damage from an AOE if they are the primary target but they wont melt from splash any more so they will be more survivable UNLESS attacked directly where they will be weaker unless significant investment is place into the Guardian tree.

Pet Wounds, Toughness, Weaponskill, Strength and Initiative are being reduced. Values and modifiers will be monitored and adjusted as time goes.
Reverted for now - You can build these stats back into the Lion pet with points in the various trees, the more points you have in the appropriate trees the more stats your Lion gains. The higher points in the tree give more to your Lion pet than the lower points do so investment brings benefits past the abilities in them.
Points in Path of the Hunter grants Strength and Weaponskill to your Lion

Points in Path of the Axeman grants Toughness and Initiative to your Lion

Points in the Guardian Tree grants Wounds, Toughness, Weaponskill, Strength and Initiative

Path of the Axeman

A mastery path focused on your pet distracting enemies while you deal damage

Trained to Kill - This ability now boosts the Lion pets Toughness and Wounds by 50% of the players Strength gained from items. The stance allows for the augmentation of the 'harassment' pet using dps main stat (as he should be dealing damage) and should prevent a full guardian built and spec'd WL from swapping to this stance and making an uber tank pet.

Path of the Guardian

A mastery path focused on assisting and supporting your pet while he deals damage

Trained to Kill - This ability now boosts the Lion pets Strength by the Wounds the player has from items and Weaponskill from the Toughness that a player has from items. The stance now correctly benefits those who play support to the Lion pet as opposed to giving the most benefit to those who go full on dps.

Guardian Tree

3 point tactic - Tactic - Furious Mending - Heal value increased.

5 point ability - Echoing Roar

7 point tactic - Baited Trap - The armour increase additional from this tactic will now stack with potions.

9 point ability - Brutal Pounce

11 point tactic - Stalker - This tactic now grants your Lion an increase in their Strength and Toughness (160 each stat at lvl 40)

13 point ability - Leonine Frenzy - Internal Cooldown on damage procs reduced to 1s, scales off the players Wounds

15 point ability - Rampage

[Public Quests & Personal Loot]

- The randomization function for PQs that can award multiple random items (such as Conqueror gear) will now always return one of the items in the list of items truly randomly, and fixed a logic error that could result in the bags being empty.
- PQ stages now accurately reflect the faction you are doing them for. For example, order PQs will show the title of the PQ instead of the words "Destruction".
- PQ objectives will now update individually - as opposed to using the first index of the list of objectives always. This allows PQs with multiple objectives to update correctly on the client.
- Fixed a memory leak with Public Quests and Keep Chests.
- Players who go offline or use a flight master while participating in a public quest will no longer be eligible for a reward from that public quest. This does not apply to RvR.
- Fixed an issue where NPCs and Pets in Public Quests would complain about exceptions.
- Fixed an issue where the Public Quests' objective status would not be shown if a player leaves and re-enters the Public Quest.
-A majority of null references related to public quests and dangling player references have been cleaned up.
- Fixed an issue where Public Quests would add a player at an inappropriate time to contribution lists if they were in a group with another player, resulting in them unable to roll on the public quest until a server restart.
- Fixed an issue where Public Quests where healing someone outside of the PQ area would make you unable to roll on the public quest until a server restart.

[Group/WB Crash]

Disabled for now - Implemented a potential fix for the group/warband crash and added a killswitch just in case the fix doesn't work. We'll be monitoring the crashes and hopefully narrow down the solution with the information from this patch. If it goes wrong, we will turn it off.

- Cleaned up aggro lists to prevent a memory bloat issue.

- NPCs will now respect their own AA and Ability ranges.
- Lair Bosses will no longer be randomized with -1 / +1 levels on spawn.


- Channels now display their effect (abilities like None Shall Pass! should now work)

[White Lion]
- Baiting Strike's aggro reduction should now function on the appropriate targets.
- White Lion pets are now subject to anti-AOE code that prevents them from being hit by AOE attacks unless the attack is direct.
- Furious mending should now work as intended and apply to both the pet and the owner.

- Added a new framework to facilitate the adjustement of pet based classes globally and within mastery trees allowing for dedicated and focused balance tweaks (see Torque's notes for specifics).


- Items will now show their set bonuses when linked to another player, when you visit a merchant, and when you are viewing the auction house.

- Corrected stats on ~400 R17 items
- Corrected stats on ~260 R18 items
- Corrected stats on ~580 R19 items

[Public Quests]

- Destruction PQ 'Destruction of the Weak': NPC 'Tonas Jorgen' is now a Champion
- Destruction PQ 'Monument of Narialle': NPCs 'Narialle Sentinel' will no longer be Champions; You will now have to destroy the Altar during second stage; The 3rd stage is now functional
- Destruction PQ 'Whitefire Tor': Reworked the first stage; NPCs 'Arkaneth Chillbinder' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Spirited Resistance': NPCs 'Wrathglade Spite' will now count for first stage; NPCs 'Blazing Spite' will now spawn when clicking on the Roots
- Destruction PQ 'The Pool of Elthrai': NPCs 'Daughter of Isha' will no longer be Champions
- Destruction PQ 'Sea Guard Beachhead': NPCs 'Veteran Seaspear' will now count for first stage; NPCs 'Veteran Seacaptain' will now spawn during second stage; NPCs 'Veteran Sea Guard' will now also spawn during second stage and will no longer be Champions; Last Boss 'Sea Master Lorias' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero; Removed fire animations
- Destruction PQ 'Watchtower of Aethwyn': NPCs 'Fiendish Talon' and 'Fiendish Barb' will now spawn during first stage; Reworked the second stage; NPC 'Blackclaw Heartrend' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero
- Destruction PQ 'The Jade Stand': Modified the first and second stages; NPC 'Gerithir the Protector' will no longer be a Champion
- Destruction PQ 'Whitemoon Manor': You will now have to destroy the Wellstones during second stage
- Destruction PQ 'Recompense': Modified the second stage
- Reworked the following Destruction PQs:
  • > Stone of Ecelsion
    > The Griffon Gate
    > Reservation of Honor
    > Town of Berhessa
    > Reaver's End
    > Tor Elyr
    > Quyl-Isha Temple
    > Wavesinger
    > Dartian Forest
    > Everspring
    > Trial by Fire

Patch Notes are updated.
Live Events are updated.


[10727] NPCs will now count as Night Goblins
[10728] Removed multiple spawns
[10736] Corrected the level of the NPCs
[7394] NPC 'Sorceress Selinja' is now a Champion and no longer a Hero
[7399] Adjusted the difficulty of the NPCs to fit with the PQ's difficulty level
[7403] High Elves and Salamanders will no longer attack each other
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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#2 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:40 am

"Fire Clown

Tactic - Flashfire - Set this effect can now only happen once every 6 seconds."

I support this. Flashfire with the DoT avoidance was over performing.

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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#3 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:41 am

interesting changes. will definitely be fun to test. gj

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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#4 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:46 am

Solid change to see set bonuses on linked items.
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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#5 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:52 am

Good stuff Dev team.
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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#6 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:58 am

Awesome patch, looks like I'm playing my WL till SH rework comes through 8-). Pet classes FTW!!! One question, in the patchnotes here it says Leonine Frenzy damage scales with toughness, but in the game's .ab changelist it says it scales with wounds. Which is it? I replaced a str tali with a toughness, another with a wounds, tooltip damage went down both times.
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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#7 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:23 am

So, Lions were a little broken. Normally I'd leave the server up while a fix was worked on, but they're not okay. Not even a little okay.

In the meantime, you should check out Frasier on Netflix. Classic 90's sitcom!
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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#8 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:26 am

You mean WLs were performing at the same level destro always proclaims they are? /s
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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#9 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:27 am

The randomization function for PQs that can award multiple random items (such as Conqueror gear) will now always return one of the items in the list of items truly randomly, and fixed a logic error that could result in the bags being empty.
Am I reading this incorrectly? Or something newly implemented? Which PQs can award the random items?

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Re: Patch Notes 4/11/2017

Post#10 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:28 am

Edit: reread Thanks!

Thanks for the work.
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