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Web login red, sticky and forum advice did not work for me

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Web login red, sticky and forum advice did not work for me

Post#1 » Sun Feb 16, 2020 10:51 pm

As the topic says, i was playing the other day, all good. Login a few hours later and webserver was red for me, my buddy said 'strange im logged in ??'
Looked at the forums, several searches later i find solutions that are stickied that arent relevant anymore (in current windows), tried nontheless. No result.
Only way i can login is use my VPN which worries me because i have seen ppl get banned/timed out due to vpn use/abuse, dont care about the specifics tbh.
Current state is, tried all forum and sticky found options, nothing works, only VPN on server in my country works atm. It sucks, it is really laggy while i have SUPERFAST up and down speeds (fastest isp in country) which all worked fine.
No updates on windows/antivirus/anything, flushed DNS too, reset router several times, im at a loss atm. Might aswell not play after several years or more of doing just that. Would like a solution because i found a nice clan here, that is enough for me to have a good time. Some say its an ISP issue, id find that strange that they would block something out of the blue after a long time of play.
Any advice besides the stickied thread (which is out of date i think, but tried it anyway, been getting flak for 'not reading forum stickies' while i tried all i could find in several different searches spread over several days now)

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Re: Web login red, sticky and forum advice did not work for me

Post#2 » Mon Feb 17, 2020 1:44 am

Rumors. We don't ban anyone based on VPN use. It's a tool that some people require to get around ISP restrictions. Sounds like that may have happened to you. You might be able to contact your ISP and get it resolved, or they might give you some crap reason they block us.
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Re: Web login red, sticky and forum advice did not work for me

Post#3 » Mon Feb 17, 2020 10:53 am

That is good to know, im not very familliar with VPN usage and whatnot. The latter proved to be the case, they blocked a whole range apparently due to suspicious behaviour (VPN usage when i asked specifics)... non negotioable, had my formula massively reduced, lookin at other ISP's now.
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Thanks for the reply !

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