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Terms of Use & Expectations

Posted: Wed May 11, 2016 1:53 am
by Yaliskah
What you must ABSOLUTELY keep in mind about this project before you start playing.

- A. Return of Reckoning is NOT Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.
This would be impossible to reproduce. If we start discussing what the server is supposed to be, none will be able to precisely say what was WO:AoR. The game during live has had multiple periods, multiple mechanics/balance changes during its -too short- life.

Each period of the original game had its advantages and drawbacks. Sadly it is impossible -and highly subjective- to pick here and there -through all these periods- of the game. Massive mechanic changes weren't necessarily compatible.

- Our purpose is to extend the spirit of WO:AoR bringing our own vision in the limit of our abilities.

- Consider this project as another period of the game, for better and for worse.

- According this, don't feel offended if you don't recognize some part of your memories. We will try our best to make your experience as delightful as possible.
- B. Keep in mind the public server for this project is more a sandbox/proof of concept/test server than a feature-complete play server in this actual state of development.
We can and will push untested code to this server. Issues will arise as a result, and you must accept this.

- According this, please don't complain. It is stressful enough for us when things don't work as intended. Whines and screams won't help us to make things better. Use the Bugtracker. Message a staff member (We have Discord too). BE POLITE.

- According this, the project does not use original game server code, and thus is feature incomplete and will have bugs. The server code is being rewritten from scratch, with no knowledge or documentation of the original Warhammer protocol besides some packet logs taken by volunteers before the live servers shut down. Therefore, there are going to be bugs and issues.

- According this, some of the bugs are crippling and difficult to fix. This is a problem with lack of understanding of the protocol, and it takes significant time and an element of luck to figure out the actual method for accomplishing a given task. For those who are uninitiated - we need to figure out the right information to send to the client, in the right order, at the right times, based on analysis of the original server's communication, which just looks like a string of bytes. This is not a simple task.
- C. This project is in its alpha stage.
All this project is a vast WORK IN PROGRESS. This is not an excuse - it means that the server is not feature complete, that bugs exist and that major changes to aspects of the game may occur, including resets and rollbacks as and when necessary if we have no better solutions. We will do our very best to avoid these at all costs.

- All contributors in this project aren't professionals and are working for free. They do what they can, where they can, when they can.They have a limited comprehension of things and they are trying their best to make things better step by step. Often 3 steps forward, 2 steps back.

- According "B.", it is just common sense.
- D. The staff work to their own priority lists.
They can't intervene at short notice on all aspects of the game you may consider as vital at any particular moment.

More generally :

- Contributors know what is possible and not, they are limited in their action field, they are not professionals, they are not commutable, they are not paid, and they are not scheduled to work any hours at all.

- Contributors are working for the good of the project at first and for your personal enjoyment in second. Some things that seem FUN at first glance can be detrimental to the enjoyment of others, and will be nerfed or removed as needed.

- According "B." and "C.", it is just common sense again.
- E. Your viewpoint on the game and that of the staff may differ.
- According "A.", our purpose is to extend the spirit of Warhammer Online. The general outlook of the team on the game leans progressive, not conservative. We intend to make changes to some areas of the game.

- According "A." again, we apologize if some of our choices are hurting your Nostalgia/Traditionalism or Conservatism.

- We are not claiming we have perfect solutions for a perfect game, but we are acting with sincerity and passion to spawn a version -in the limit of our abilities- that we think/hope is as good as possible.

- According "A." again, we (RoR Staff) are those who spend time and energy to make this project alive. It seems quite legitimate for us to be free to bring changes and take liberties we think important to enhance this project.

- According « B. » and « C », Nothing is engraved in the stone. What is deployed today, may be modified completely in the future. We are working in the limit on our present abilities and this force us to make some sharp/disputable choices at a certain moment. This doesn’t mean we will not come back on some aspect of the game when we will be able to deploy better solutions. Always keep it in mind.

- You can disagree our choice, but we are asking you to respect them, without anger or hate. Our purpose isn't to make you miserable. On the contrary. We can make mistakes and apparently confusing choices, but be assured we are trying our best each time. Some changes will be less apparent than others, but there is much internal debate among the leads and team members making any controversial choice.

- Your feedback and suggestions are more than welcome, which doesn’t mean (according « D. ») that we will follow your advice or suggestions. We are trying to keep a global view of the project with our limited abilities. If some feedback and suggestions are agreeable with this general pattern we will be glad to please you. Note it may take time if this happens.

- Your opinion about our choices and work should be reasonable, presented with facts, and without hostility. Otherwise, according « A. » and « D. », it won’t be relevant for the project. You can disagree or dislike, we are very sorry, but we can’t do much for you :(.
- F. We do NOT and CANNOT take donations.
Warhammer Online is not our intellectual property. Because of this, we will not allow any assistance to come in from the community, whether direct or through any kind of attempted loophole (trust me - we've heard them all before). Any donation would be a risk to the existence of the project.
- G. This project and its sources are private.
According it is a completely mad amount of work over many years, each part of the sources are the property of those who have worked on it and ultimately to the RoR project « owner ». Which means our implemented sources are the property of RoR project itself and this team.

Reasons are pretty simple to understand :

- Sources are private to protect each contributor's work. The « owner » of the project, must protect the project integrity and respect all the work, time, and energy spent to make this project real by a team of passionate contributors, gathered around a common purpose.

- Sources are private to protect the overall Warhammer community. Considering the community size and interest compared to some other MMORPGs, splitting the community among several private servers will put in danger the survival of the project itself and existence of the community if it were to fracture. Warhammer Online is a game of numbers. As many of you experienced on live, a dying server tends to bleed and rarely recovers.

- Sources are private to protect the IP rights of the original owners.. We can’t have guarantee that any other private server won’t use these sources for profit, which would put this project in danger as well (see « F. »).

- If some day RoR project is abandoned ; with agreement of each team members, full sources will be released.
- H. Warnings. Bans. Terms of Service.
If you suffer from any of the following issues:
• Inability to reconcile the difference between the viewpoint of the team and your own viewpoint in a mature manner
• Inability to respect the team enough to accept their right to make changes
• Inability to criticize changes directly, instead complaining about changes having been made per se because you didn't want the original game to change at all, no matter how (appealing to tradition)

Then, we apologize and invite you:

- To take some distance with the project. Maybe future updates will please you more.
- Try to create your own project using WarEmu's free sources. You will quickly discover the vast depth of this base.

Take into consideration, and quite seriously, the Terms of Use
- On the forums, you will receive warnings. Warnings will lead to suspensions. Continuing to violate these terms will lead to forum bans. Creating new accounts to avoid suspensions or bans can result in your game account being sanctioned. The GM team is here to preserve a state of general peace for all those who would visit. Disrupting this peace means facing sanctions.

- In game, there are many infractions outlined that will immediately impact your ability to play on the server, now and in the future. All bans handed out are accompanied by reports, with evidence, and are reviewed by the Head GM. Very rarely are these overturned. If you value your time on our server, play with respect to our home, and follow our rules.
According all this, and you if agree to this long wall of text, we wish you an excellent game session.

Yaliskah & the RoR Team.

- - - - - - -

Terms of Use/Service

To begin with: Be our guest. We are happy you are here. :)

- We will try our best to offer you a pleasant experience.
- We will consider any constructive and appropriately constructed feedback.
- We will maintain a neutral position when it comes to realm bias.
- We will provide a high level of communication when game services are impacted, intentional or otherwise.

As a guest, and for the enjoyment of all, we are just asking you to follow some common sense rules listed below. The purpose of these rules is to protect you, the other players, and the project in general.

By creating an account, staff will assume you have already agreed to the following.

General Rules:

1.Respect/Protect others and yourself.

1.1 Don't Be A ****
We are all here to play and enjoy the game. Attacking other players in chat, trolling players in general with toxic attitudes, or finding other creative ways to disrupt other players from enjoying their time here. None of this is appreciated.
Respect is the word, whether you hate someone or simply think they're a bad player, you can be respectful. Keep in mind this is just a game, and there is no reason and no place for real grieves/grudges.

1.2 You are responsible for your account, your characters, and your household.
It is yours and only yours. Don’t share it unless you can accept the consequences of the other person potentially breaking the rules and having action taken against it (letting your kids/brother/mate play for example). If something bad happens in the hands of someone you trusted, it will be your problem, not ours, and sadly, you will be responsible for it. It will also be assumed that if something happens under your roof, you are aware and complicit to some degree. Depending on the severity of the offense, you may be involved.

1.3 Do not share personal information.
Whether yours or anyone else. This is imaginary videogame land. Your real name, the city you live in, your phone number, even your personal email, all of that stuff is off-limits. No one needs to know, and it will be removed.

1.4 No advertising, soliciting, or spamming.
The exception to this rule is that Forum threads may be created for Twitch streams and similar platforms that promote our project. For anything else, check with a member of staff for an agreement. If not, it can be deleted on sight. Bot spam is deleted/banned as soon as someone notices, use the report button! Please do not use in-game public chat channels for links of any kind.

1.5 No offensive, political, religious, vulgar, or racially charged nicknames.
This also includes impersonating public figures (IRL, on RoR project). This is applies to both your forum account and any character names. « Offensive » may be subjective, but as owners of this project, it will be –in the end- our definition. Rather than define a vast list of potentially offensive names, please have some common sense and avoid anything that would cause others to take issue with your name.

1.6 Keep your use of language clean and family-friendly.
No use of racial slurs to be posted in game chat or on the forum This covers any form of discrimination or terms that could be perceived by the public as extremely offensive regardless of your justification of it.

1.7 No cheating.
- This is one of our strongest rules and will certainly result in a swift and permanent ban.
- Don't use hacks, cheats and other illegitimate game modifications.
- Don't automate your gameplay by any means (macros, bots, gaming mice, etc.) If your character is acting in the game, you MUST be able to respond to a GM if prompted.
- Don't use any addon which creates issues or allows access to exploits.

1.8 No ban evasion.
Evading a ban (which means you have been sanctioned for not respecting the present rules) by playing on another account will result in the evasion account being permanently banned. The same applies for allowing a banned player to use your account. Helping a banned player in any way will result in a sanction.
2.Respect/Protect the project and our work.

2.1 Do not use the forum or in-game chat to break the laws or promote breaking the laws of either your country of residence, the host country of the server (France), the United Kingdom, or the United States.

2.2 Don't intentionally profit from an exploit carried out by another player.
Exploiting or encouraging other people to exploit bugs and glitches that give you advantages ingame is prohibited. The staff has the right to neutralise any advantage gained by an exploit without reparation, even if an affected player was unaware –and we will be sorry for that- of said advantage.

2.3 No multiboxing.
You are only allowed to control one character in the game at a time.
- If you are approached by a GM for this offense, they have observed you for some time. This is very much not allowed.

2.4 No colluding with the opposite faction to farm XP, Renown, Influence or any other benefits.
- Also known as Killtrading. Dueling is generally allowed. Letting someone kill you, and then killing them back is not. Generally this will result in both accounts (and any connected accounts (don't share accounts!)) to be wiped back to 1/1 with no gear or money.

2.5 Please notify staff of any bugs and exploits you discover or are made aware of.
Be sure to check if they are already mentioned on the bugtracker. We like the bugtracker, it's great for tracking bugs. You should post any bugs you find on the bugtracker as well! You can find it at the top of these forums. Do not abuse or take advantage of any bugs, even if you report them. We need enough information to fix them, this does not give you free reign to excessively "test" them. There is a difference.

2.6 No Denial of Service attacks (DDOS).
Interference with the ability of other Return of Reckoning users to enjoy playing the game in accordance with its rules, through any means, is forbidden. Plus, it is illegal. Obviously if you're doing this you don't care about the rules, but we may as well list it anyway.

2.7 Intentionally damaging the reputation of the project is unfair.
Engaging in slander/libel against the project on public third-party sites/ video channel (Twitch, Youtube…) by spreading rumors, lies, and pretty obvious deception is unacceptable. We are trying our best and even if you may disagree some of our choices, we don’t deserve a vile attitude. It will be investigated if we receive credible evidence of players doing so.

2.8 Do not use the forum or ingame chat to spread explicit content like pornography, gore, or illegal content.
Despite the violent and adult nature of this PvP game, there are still a few younglings that play, and we're just not interested in that sort of stuff on the forums anyway. Keep it classy! If you wouldn't say it to a teenager/child, don't say it in public channels!

2.9 Making any kind of profit from this project is strictly forbidden.
- Running a Twitch or Youtube channel is obviously not considered for this rule.
- Don't attempt to sell accounts or items for real life currency
- Don't attempt to purchase accounts or items for real life currency
- Don't impersonate our services in an attempt to sell access to the server
- Anyone engaging in sales or connected to them will be dealt with severely. It will be assumed that if you are connected to another person breaking these rules (don't share accounts!), you are also benefiting from their terrible lack of common sense and will be dealt with all the same.
3. RoR team and YOU

GENERAL RULES section 1 & 2 fully apply in your relationships with RoR Team. No matter the place, ingame / discord / social networks / RoR forum.

Always keep in mind members of staff are all unpaid volunteers that do their best and invest a lot of time to bring you this project, at no cost, for your enjoyment. Keep in mind they are all passionate, and not necessarily professionals. There are many different types of people on this project. Some will enjoy explaining complex systems in depth. Some are only interested in extremely useful dialogue, and find banter a waste of valuable time. Some are naturally friendly and always seek to help others. The ones that do frequently post on the forums you will get to know over time. There are many ways to get our attention and open up dialogue. However...

It doesn’t mean they are at your service at any moment.
It doesn't mean they are to blame for code that doesn't work right the first time.
It doesn't mean they can immediately fix what you find wrong with the game.

They have a life, a family, a real job, and they deserve –like anyone- to take a break. To relax. To enjoy RoR.

In a word, they are human, like you :)

3.1 Their purpose in life isn’t to make you miserable or abuse their status. :)

3.2 Their purpose is to make this project as good as possible for your own enjoyment.
- In the process of development, it may happen they will contact/involve you for any reason. We need your help to fix things.

3.3 Developers (Core / R&D / DB) are the reason we are able to play this game again. Please follow their instruction carefully when it is given. It is for the general interest of all other players, and yours of course.

3.4 The GM Team is an extension of those who made this game able to be played again, as such they are granted the right to take action against those who are not respecting the actual rules.
- This may be a simple message from a GM.
- This may be applied as an offical warning that is noted on your account.
- This may result in you being muted from chat for some time.
- This may end up with your access to the game being restricted, for some hours or days.

- According you are a nice person, none of this will ever happen to you. :)

- If you DO get caught up in a heated moment and a GM or staff member begins this process, it is for a reason.
- If you can resolve the issue immediately, sanctions may be avoided. We don't go out of our way to ban people who choose peace over conflict.

3.5 If unfortunately someone acts with animosity –which means rules have been violated-, don’t be surprised if staff member respond in the same way; with his own tools.

3.6 If you disagree with any disciplinary action taken by a member of staff, you should first contact the person in question by PMing them on the forum, and try to resolve the issue.
Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected]

3.7 If you want to appeal a ban, you can use the ban appeal forum.

Always keep in mind that the amount of warned/banned people on this project since its beginning is VERY low compared to the amount of players who haven’t had any issue.

In conclusion:

Mutual courteous respect and common sense is the key of a good relationship.
Once again, this is just a game. Enjoy your time here, don't make it hard for others.
As owners, developers, and enforcers, we must protect the project and the players community and try our best to keep a healthy environment for all.
4. Forum /Bugtracker & Discussion usages:

4.1 When you post, keep in mind the general rules and Terms of Service (Respect, courtesy, etc)

4.2 Avoid « +1 », « QFT » or similar posts. It can stall discussion and provides very little of value.

4.3 Avoid double post/comments as much as you can; you can edit your previous post, and report duplicates.

4.4 Avoid cross-posting as much as you can. i.e. posting the same thing in multiple channels. We've read it the first time :)

4.5 Avoid necromancy. :shock: If a thread’s last post was more than a month ago, do not post in it. Maybe start a new topic!

4.6 Avoid moderating others by yourself. You don't need to involve yourself in this part of the process. Protect yourself; use the report button, we will take over.

4.7 Please, don’t recreate a new post if the same topic was locked. There is probably a reason don’t you think ? :)

4.8 Avoid formatting abuse. None here wanna have an epileptic crisis :). Try to make your post as clear as possible.

4.9 Signatures! You don’t need to sign your posts manually, just put your signature in the dedicated place for it inside your profile.
- Total height of any signature may not exceed 230 pixels.
- Please note that this does not refer to the image - it refers to the total vertical distance between the signature dividing bar and the bottom of your post.
- Violating signatures will be placed within spoiler tags.
- We are not monsters and if there is no extreme abuse, some pixels more will be tolerated.
- Signature content must follow rules described in Term of Service.

For the respect of all points in this section, failure to abide may result in a warning.
Ignoring the warning may result to stronger sanctions, like revoking access to forum, or temporary/permanent ban.
We know some people like to push boundaries and test how far the rules will go. It is taken into account, unfortunately for them. :(
5. In-game chat usages:

5.1 Server commands can be used in chat, they begin with .
5.2 Client commands can also be used in chat, they begin with /
Do /help to list them all. Most of them work.

For example:
* Finding a GM.
Use /say
then .gmlist

If it says there's no GM online, then there's no GM flagged currently. (They are probably hidden so they can play the game in peace.)
Of course, you may use in-game chat to ask if a GM is online, but do not spam repeatedly. If you don't receive a reply after several minutes, contact one via the Forums, Discord, or submit a ticket via in-game reporting.

5.3 The in-game report function DOES work, but only for GM issues at this time.

5.4 Do not use in-game chat or the in-game report system to report bugs, that's what the Bugtracker is for.

5.5 Please use the appropriate chat channels as best you can, not everything needs to be in advice. Following is a brief description of the purpose of the different chat channels:

- Advice (/ad) : Used for answering brief and direct questions. Extended discussion should be moved to /3 or /6.
- Region chat (/1) : For discussions of matters specific to the current region you're in.
- General (/3) : The main chat, where everything game-related goes if it's not covered by any other channel.
- Trade (/4) : This channel is for any trades of any kind. These should not be put in any other channel.
- LFG (/5) : This channel handles recruitment matters of all kinds - be they group, warband or guild-related.
- Off-topic (/6) : For long, spammy discussions about matters not related to the game, to avoid cluttering General.
- Roleplay (/7) : For serious roleplaying only.
- Russian (/8) : For speaking to each other in Russian. This is the ONLY valid global chat for Russian language communications.
- Realm War Channels (/t1, /t2, /t3, /t4) : For discussion of matters specific to an individual tier of the game.

For the respect of all, failure to do so may result in a warning. Ignoring the warning may result to stronger sanctions, like revoking access to chat, or temporarily exile.