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16th June - Mega Dwarf Zerg aka Bitterstone Birthday

Get organized here and slay that monster, or challenge your enemy to an epic battle on the battlefield.

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Re: 16th June - Mega Dwarf Zerg aka Bitterstone Birthday

Post#21 » Tue Jun 15, 2021 4:33 pm

Tomorrow is the big day.
To easen the time a little till we start here a short clip from yesterday from the Orc Waaagh!. ;) ... 1lAyD5uyJh

Question: How many Dawi can you hide inside a bush?
The bush is bigger on the inside.
For the Dwarf Army on Wednesday:
Please make sure to be on time at 19:30 at the Alrdorf Market Place.
Left From the Auction house if you look at it.

We will have some Guild Warbands running. But we will also have 2 guild officers from Biterstone ready to invite to the overflow Warbands.

If you come as an Shield Ironbreaker please change your appearance to the B-Shield Rune.
It can be bought for 3 gold at Chapter 12 High Pass Merchant.
This is not a must just our idea to make the Dwarven Army look like it just came out of Total War. :)

One last word on Classes. Of course come with the Dwarf Class you are most comfortable with. If it is comfortable for you we would like you to come on your Runepriest or IB as we usually lack both mostly on our Warbands. The Bitterstones will also try to join on Tank or Heals.

Slayers and Engineers:
If you join on Slayer or Engineer. Please make sure to use the Ancestors Armor tactic that gives Armor, and the instant Turret on the Engineer. Grenadiers or Tinkerers highly suggested. Sniprs we run in another context.

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Re: 16th June - Mega Dwarf Zerg aka Bitterstone Birthday

Post#22 » Wed Jun 16, 2021 4:54 pm

Please join the Bitterstone Discord.

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