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city opening idea

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city opening idea

Post#1 » Tue Nov 30, 2021 1:17 am

city opening idea
just another brainstorming, hope it's not too late.

i think everybody knows issue.
fastest way to get end contents is defenders avoiding battle.

here's idea, details below.
1. you can open city by successful defense.
2. unify city rank and it's upgraded by quality of battle.

like contribution system or SC points, there's pool.
when your realm reach that point, city opening.
currently it requires 3 T2 locks, 3 T3 locks, 2 T4 center locks, 2 T4 final locks and 2 forts wins.
minimum 10 zone locks and 2 fort wins.
if you set that as standard, my idea is vaguely, 3 defense = 1 lock
to prevent T2 back and forth opening, at least 1 fort fight, win or lose.
i don't have complete list of city opening pool yet.
i think team who made contribution system and SC mechanics know better.

see it as there're battles going on behind the scene.
when you've successfully defensed enemies at Fell Landing twice, imaginary soldiers invaded Reikwald and won.

of course it's still possible to open city by traditional way. attack and win.
just make it numerically and 2~3 defense win as attack win.

like keep rank up. instead of supply, it requires intense fights.
after keep lord kill or successful defense, there's rp reward defend on how was battle.
i think it's just sum of rp earned but idea is measuring quality of battle.
you have to fight to rank up city. zerg pushing empty zone is rank 1 city.
i don't know how long it takes to be rank 5.
it also need numerical way to convert timer into battle result.
early days intense fights to open city could be standard.

that's it.
it's to prevent throw, dodge, easy zerg push and ruining someone's city dream.
with city tournament idea, i hope there's no more dodge and throw.
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