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Alternative armaments for Tank Archetypes

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Alternative armaments for Tank Archetypes

Post#1 » Fri Aug 14, 2020 9:52 pm


I came to understand that BG and CH have two options for weapon variants ( Polearm and snb for BG , Axe and longsword and snb for CH ) but unfortunately other than IB that can wield hammer - mace and axe , no other tank can equip anything else other than swords . This post mostly concerns the Halberd and Lance variants as attested in various NPC models ( i pressume that DoK and WP shield animations were mirrored from their respective racial tank archetypes ). Specifically , there are 2 divergents for the SM and the Kotbs, these are :

SM lance + shield or 2h lance ( 2 skins availabe might be even more )
Kobts Halberd or Poleaxe or Spear ( 3 skins exist already ) + shield or 2h x the aforementioned choices

The question is , if there is an animation code in game found in NPCs , can it be utilized to allow the above classes to wield different armaments other than Longswords ?

Can BO wield anything other than crude axes ?

Much appreciated for the consideration
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