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Change to Shaman/Arch mage

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Change to Shaman/Arch mage

Post#1 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 1:26 pm


I'd like to suggest the following change to Shamans and Arch Mages.

We've all tried it. We join a scenario and within a few seconds, you realize, you are the only "healer" standing there in your int gear, with dmg tactics/morale.
Now we can either say: "Screw it, im gonna dps anyway" or spend the next 2mins replacing all your dps items with willpower items, switch tactics/morals etc, and by the time you are ready to heal your team, with a gimped spec, you might be too far behind to recover anyway.

Some of us enjoy doing abit of pve from time to time (yes on a healer class) and doing so in healing gear/spec is painfully slow and frustrating, thus having the ability to go full int and actually be able to kill stuff would be nice, especially during the offhours of the day, where the que time for scenarios can be long, so being able to do abit of pve in between would be a nice, without having to respec and switch gear once a scenario pops.

On other occasions, you find yourself with a team with 7 other healers, standing there in your willpower gear, with your team not able to dish out enough damage to kill anyone. Same problem

Add an ability simular to zealots so you can convert your willpower/heal crit to intelligence/magic crit. This would both eliminate the need for having multiple sets of gear, and make the class more usefull in scenarios etc.

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Re: Change to Shaman/Arch mage

Post#2 » Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:04 pm

It would be a much better ability on an AM or Shaman.

Zealot/RP have the ability because of the way their mastery trees are set up.

If they did have something like this it should be tied to their mechanic.

If moving gear and tactics is actually the problem you can set up a different tactic bar and use closet goblin.

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