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Forts and endgame

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Forts and endgame

Post#1 » Sat May 30, 2020 4:16 pm

I will be honest that I'm not very thrilled with the current implementation of the Forts.
I think the stages are quite boring, where in stage 2 is a zerg train to cap all the BOs and then sit around rolling our thumbs until the main gate falls.
And stage 3 is just to wait around some more and gather morale and later try to morale push into a meat grinder.

As a newbie I kinda imagined the so called Forts to be a massive siege, thus my suggestion is to make Forts similar to the current ORVR keeps and just one big fat keep.
Have a stage 1, where the attackers have to try and break the first 3 big gates of the outer wall with rams, with someway to aquire new rams through resources or something (up for suggestions here).
And when the attackers are able to penetrate the outer wall, it's a siege of the inner wall similar to current Keeps, perhaps have the Keep posterns as siegeable to idk.
And ofc when tagging inner gate, defenders are no longer able to spawn in the Keep etc you know the gist.
There is a lot of empty space in the "inner zone", perhaps have some way for the defenders to tunnel in or something (live the tunnels in Greenskins vs Dwarfs) idk so it doesn't create a big funnel for defenders to have to break through when spawning outside the Fort.

Maybe this suggestion is not really something new/unique or exiting, but I think it would bring more of a WAR feel at least then the current implementation.
Would probably have to think of some good way to gather resources to spawn new rams (up for suggestions).
Get rid of reservation/limited spots to enter the Fort zone.

Another thing with the current way of acquiring end game tokens, such as invaders and royals.
I think the Devs did a great job with Cities, that unless you have Invader TOK, you only get invaders.
I suggest we bring that to forts as well as incentive to bring the city loggers back into the game.
So in both cities and forts you will get invader/royals depending if you have the Invader TOK unlocked.



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