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My Dream Patch Notes

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Re: My Dream Patch Notes

Post#21 » Tue May 26, 2020 7:05 pm

My "dream" patch notes

1) Aoe dmg morales - reduced its dmg to 20% or so or remove them absolutely - for 2 weeks to get data (forst, keep sieges) at least.
2) Aoe dmg cap reduced to 12 targets OR:
buff some healers to be able to face that amount of aoe from enemy:
3) Make Shaman´s/AM´s and RP´s/ Zealot´s hots to have 25% chance to be placed on other 2 target in 30 feets from initial target (viable NOT ONLY for groupmates or WB, but for all allies - WB and groupmates will have priority if healer is in WB - coul help some random healers without WB/party too). When aoe dmg could hit everybody who stands in it, some heals could affect everbody too).
4) RP´s runes and Zealot´s rituals should affect more players (not groupmates only). As aoe dmg cap is 24, these rituals and runes should affect everybody who stands on it too (if 24 is too much, make it 12 cap at least). This could help healers a bit and make them more atractive.
5) Zealot - as DPS is very AP hungry and deals very poor dmg. You have to combine 2 great sets (at least) and spend all your renown points on dmg stats to deal SO SO dmg äbut for what price? to leave defensive stats like futile strikes, etc. and become very squishy - and stil make only so so dmg). Make some of zealot´s spells to deal spirit. or ele. dmag and revaluate the cost of his dmg spells (AP). Add armor or corporeal (could be spiritual or ele. if u change zealot´s dmg) resistance debuf to Warp reality dot (it is in Sweeping disgorgement tactic + demon spittle). Reduce the CD on harbringer switch from 20 to 10 sec. Zealot realy needs more love and same for RP.
6) ranged SW and SH - make them primary ranged dmg dealers - on the same line with aSW or mSH at least. So buff their ranged dmg and reconsider the AP cost of their spells. Ranged SH needs to be 70+ and needs to be very good equipped to be viable. Same for SW. More love for them.
7) Small boost for ranged SH and SW during keep sieges while standing on the outer wall or high in the keep ONLY. Something like + 20 feet range increase and + 5% dmg. Reasoning: it could be more like real life - simply the physics (why not for other casters? Their spells are more spellpower, knowledge based, not about the physics. Magic is not affected by the high of the wall or so - same for engi and his machine. This could make ranged SH/SW more popular :)
8) Small boost for the race if fighting in HOMELAND (if not for the whole time in the zone - during the siege at least it could be nice /no matter if def or attack/). It could be +3% renown bonus and + 3% dmg or +5% bonus heal (if healer) or +3% more wounds (for tanks). For example if dwarfs are fighting in dwarf zones - they could get this small buff :)
9) Marauder - reduce/remove his CD on stance switch to 1 sec. (this could bring some more variability to gameplay and make him more for skilled players to be quick if they want to use all of his potential) OR make his gifts to last for another 5 sec. after stance switch. Example - if you switch from savagery to monstro you will have your sava gift for another 5 sec while out of sava stance - you could have 2 gifts for 5 sec. This could bring some more posibilities for a gameplay and stop "punishing" the stance dancing (yes, here was a debate about it on the forum, I know and 5 CD is like a punishment in this case in my opinion).
10) magus - make an OPTION to dismount his disc. I know, it was here on the forum - denied. But this thread is about dream changes :D
11) 16-40 Nordland like zone - no keeps, no sieges, NO warbands and parties, just simple fight :) just a funzone with some funny rewards - something like special pet for 24 hours, become bigger for 2 hours, funny PINK (or other crazy colored) clothing appearance and more :-)

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Re: My Dream Patch Notes

Post#22 » Tue May 26, 2020 7:45 pm

I'd just like to see every class / spec city viable. Give everyone some kind of one off mechanic/utility that ppl wont mind bringing 1 to a wb.

Essentially what DPS Z was before the 24 player AoE cap and subsequent HD nerfs. They suck ass sure but you know you brought one bc that 1 thing that AoE inc HD and the only AoE armor debuff in the game was strong enough to make up for it (in an idealized world were dps DOK didnt exist haha).

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Re: My Dream Patch Notes

Post#23 » Tue May 26, 2020 8:13 pm

Buff Knight.

Make Blazing Blade elemental dmg again.
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Re: My Dream Patch Notes

Post#24 » Tue May 26, 2020 9:34 pm

the change to AoE cap sucks and created even more imbalance, but it also kind of fulfill its purpose (breaking zerg stalements). I would like to see it reverted, but it need a lot of work around this.

ruin and destruction to m3 somewhat slows the morale bomb, which is a good thing. But would give BW depending on situation access to focused mind and ruin and destruction...

ishas encouragement is a good tactic (with specific group setup awesome tactic against certain enemies). If you move it into skilltree (even if its AoE then), i would almost call it a nerf.

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