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Vanquisher/Oppressor Box redeems

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Vanquisher/Oppressor Box redeems

Post#1 » Wed Apr 29, 2020 8:42 pm


I would like to suggest to implement an option to sell back Boxes and Satchels of emblems/medalions to the vendors

I know its a thing which would be in the categories of least important changes, but also (im not a programmer, so dont throw a rock on me if im wrong) probalby would not be a lot of effort to make it.

Why to do it?
Im assuming im not the only one person that accidently bought the wrong amount of embelms/medallions containers, and when u buy out 100 from Box of conqueror (500 oppressor) instead of 100 Satchel (100 oppressor) its hurts.

It would not be abuse able, since u can only change back the Box or Satchel, so once u broke down it to the other currency(exp; Box of Conqueror's emblems to 25 conqueror emblems) u cant change it back, so u would not be able to change up conq emblems to oppresor emblems. Its basicly 2 step safety for those stupids that cant do the math right.

Thank you for your consideration


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