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New Type of Bolstering

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Re: New Type of Bolstering

Post#11 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 3:16 am

There is no reason to bolster once you are 40. You have everything at your finger tips you just have to put in the TIME. That's the whole point of people being able to smash you as you're a new 40 and they are higher lvl 40's the time difference they have put in.

They have put in time and you have not, so get grinding, take note of names who are higher RR that you should avoid and pick your battles correctly. No need to have some kitty-pool system employed for lvl 40's. Kitty-pool system for SC's 16-39 already exists.

LVL 40 is big boi land, equip a set of anni/merc, get to conq/dom asap and then begin the vanq grind, heck you can even go into pve to get bloodlord/redeye/sent to close that gap as well. Avoid premades, make a premade yourself.

You have options once you are 40 there is literally 0 need for a bolster. While you indeed lack power, what you need is knowledge. RoR's powercreep really isn't anything compared to what live was. and the ability to get oppressor/vanq armor quickly is readily available w/ price reduction. Some people even milk 16-39 SC with the reduce exp scroll because of the exact reason you are talking about. Again you need knowledge not power.
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Re: New Type of Bolstering

Post#12 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 5:40 am

I was 39/55, and did complet Beastlord withing 5-6 hours inclueding the Pocket item.

As i hit level 40 i bought full Conqueror and lvl 39 SC staff... With that gear i don't really feel a high gear gap,
and giving fresh lvl 40 Players like me with that equip a Bolster would be fine for me :lol: but totally unnecessary.

If you level up to 40 without some Medalls and low Renown rank, you cannot beg for a Bolstersystem for your Playstyle...
You had the chance to gear befor hit level 40...

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Re: New Type of Bolstering

Post#13 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 8:58 pm

I don't agree with bolstering once you are 40 and my highest level is 40/50 slayer I don't have any top gear I get smashed but its paying your dues. That is why we have better gear sets and higher RR to get better. Now is the scaling where it needs to be? Is difference in power between rr40 and rr85 way too drastic same with the gear between Conq vs' Sov? That is a different discussion altogether but bolster, no I say cut bolster more. Honestly bolstered or not I don't want to see a lvl 18 player go toe to toe with a lvl 35 player either that's way worse IMO but it happens.
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Re: New Type of Bolstering

Post#14 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:39 pm

mytreds wrote:
Wed Apr 08, 2020 8:15 pm
I feel the OPs experience might mirror those who were boosted during the XP events, where you are able to level a character to 40 relatively quickly, but miss out on the plethora of medallions and emblems you would have gotten (as well as other loot), thereby making you a level 40 character in relatively low level gear. If you level as per normal, you should be getting tons of emblems and medallions to be able to buy your gear as you hit said gears level requirements.

For example, my knight, who I leveled during the XP event, got to 40 wearing Duelist gear and I was broke for higher gear tokens. My current main, an engie, has tons of soldier medallions which I’ll use right away when I hit 29. And he already has a stockpile of invader, conqueror and Vanquisher tokens growing. It’s a much easier experience, gear wise, compared to what I experienced on my knight.
I have exactly same experience. Double EXP/RR weekend/week damage item progression. My BW RR63 has only 2 conq pieces (non of it from golden bag).

OP - you don't need bolster at rank 40, just keep playing, it will get much better in few days.

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Re: New Type of Bolstering

Post#15 » Fri Apr 10, 2020 1:58 am

They just need to make the Beastlords spawn faster. Beastlord is a great beginning set, but there are so many people looking for them now that they can't get them because they're not up. Things like that shouldn't happen for low tier gears like the Beastlord set.
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Re: New Type of Bolstering

Post#16 » Fri Apr 10, 2020 9:17 am

I don't really get this post either.. once you hit lvl40 you are likely higher RR already also. So Conq isn't far away to get. Also i never had problems in T4 as a lowbie.. yeah 1 vs 1 fights with higher geared people are going to end in one way most of the time, but you know there are players on the other side also who just reached lvl40 without much gear. Not really a problem curreltly imo. And like someone already said, its a nice progression to get better stuff slowly and improving your own skills with the class at the same time...

my 2 cents

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