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.premade implementation to T2/T3 Scenario Queues.

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.premade implementation to T2/T3 Scenario Queues.

Post#1 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:17 pm

Good Afternoon!

Due to the influx of T2/T3 scenario related threads across the forums, with the newer players finding frustration being paired with scenarios, I was thinking about a potential solution to this concern which could benefit T4 competitive play also.

Currently, we have a .pug command built into the game which enables players to see which scenario for the week is set to allow small groups of 2 or less to queue only. This alleviates a lot of the anxiety about queuing into premades for hours on end. Although this never really happens, the .pug command brought a solution to light that enables players to experience scenarios in the way they want.

My suggestion here, is to implement a .premade command, that highlights one scenario which is available only to those in a full group to queue into. However, whilst inside, a similar buff to AAO is introduced that increases XP gain, or medallion gain, to incentivise the premade queuers to queue into this scenario. What this should hopefully do, is bring the premades in the T2/T3 bracket a more competitive atmosphere rather than stomping pugs all day and/or finding the occasional premade vs premade fight. This will similarly bring some of the premades away from the general scenario queues, which should enable more balanced fights for those who are queuing with a few friends, or even solo.

Further to this, if players are enjoying the 6v6 premade scenario content up to T4, this could potentially boost the amount of queues into the ranked T4 scenario list, which could also bring a lot of the newer players into the small man scene upon hitting 40.

I'm not sure how difficult engineering the .pug command as well as setting up the ruleset was, but I thought I'd bring this up and see what the general consensus was. Personally, I play in T4 and don't have any plans to level through the T2/T3 brackets anytime soon, but I appreciate players concerns and somewhat frustrating experience with the current queues and thought I'd bring something to the table.

Cheers :)

PS: I am fully expecting comments along the lines of 'join a premade, join a guild, run with friends, we don't need this' etc. I myself have said this to players who are airing their frustrations. But the suggestions forum is here to suggest things, and this is one of those.

Edit: What I am not suggesting, is to force premades into one scenario. This is an additional option, not the only option, for premades.
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Re: .premade implementation to T2/T3 Scenario Queues.

Post#2 » Mon Apr 06, 2020 2:38 pm

That’s a very cool idea actually...

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