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Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

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Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#1 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:27 pm

A bunch of slayers and choppas gathered in a discord channel to discuss the offensive sov set. The motivation was, that quite a few of us felt that the set is disappointing in particular for the higher set boni (6+ pc). I condensed the major points into a hopefully concise document with suggestions that might point to possible solutions/alternatives.

The post is split into two parts: total stats on the items and the set boni. Since I dont want to hit you with a wall of text I put them into spoilers.

Have fun with the read and I'm curious about your thoughts.

Thoughts on total stat distribution
Total Stats without set boni [with set Boni]:
  • Strength: 212 [292]
  • Wounds: 125 [213]
  • Toughness: 37
  • Weapon Skill: 57
  • Initiative: 91
  • Melee Crit: 5 [11]
  • Dodge: 3
  • Parry: 2
  • Disrupt: 2
  • Morale: 3
  • AA Haste: 10
  • Armor Pen: 4 [10]
  • AP: 1
  • Spirit: 290
  • Elemental: 289
  • Corporeal: 289


Good amount of Strength, Wounds and Melee Crit as the most important stats. The secondary stats (Weapon Skill, Toughness and Initiative) are, however, very lopsided for an offensive set.
For example Initiative and Toughness make out about 25% (128 of 522) of the total stats on the set. If Wounds is included as a defensive stat then about 48% (253 of 522) of the stats are in defensive nature. Not considering set boni in both cases.

The Dodge/Disrupt bonuses are also questionable since the offending classes (SH, Magus, Sorc) all have at least 4% of their respective strikethrough in their equivalent offensive sets. Thus resulting in no benefit for the Slayer/Choppa without further investments of renown point.

Based on the class mechanic and the lore background Slayers/Choppas are supposed to be glas cannons. However it is difficult to believe that this theme is continued when significant amounts of stats (~50%) are allocated to purely defensive stats in the offensive sovereign set.

  • Redistribute the Dodge/Disrupt into Parry or other offensive boni
  • Redistribute ~30-50 Points of Initiative into Weapon Skill, Melee Power. For example 36 Melee Power on belt
Thoughts on set boni
Set Boni
  • 2 pc: 80 Strength
  • 3 pc: 88 Wounds
  • 4 pc: 6 Armor pen
  • 5 pc: 6 Melee Crit
  • 6 pc: 2 Mastery Points in Skavenslayer
  • 7 pc: Proc: 10% On Hit - To increase the chance of the target to be critically hit by 7% for 10 seconds
  • 8 pc: Can’t Slow Me Down: Root Breaker 2min CD

4 pc: 6 Armor pen

Problem: The value of armor pen can be directly calculated based on the armor penetration formula. That means 6 Armor Pen is worth 84 Weapon Skill. Without adding anything to parry though. In general the value of the set boni increases for higher boni.

  • Increase the Armor Pen to 7 (~98 WS) or 8 (~112 WS), depending on how the lack of parry contribution is factored in.
  • or swap to Weapon Skill bonus and apply the increasing stat rule → 96 WS

6 pc: 2 Mastery Points in Skavenslayer

Problem: Skavenslayer is the more efficient and more versatile way to play compared to Gaintslayer or Trollslayer. The dominance is thus further compounded by linking the offensive sov set to the Skavenslayer tree.

Suggestion: Change it to Trollslayer
Almost all viable Slayer builds incorporate the Trollslayer tree as secondary tree due to the healdebuff and Rampage. While Skavenslayer and Giantslayer feature mainly weapon restricted abilities. A change to Trollslayer would therefore be almost build neutral and increase flexibility.

7 pc: Proc: 10% On Hit - To increase the chance of the target to be critically hit by 7% for 10 seconds
In principle a decent enough proc. However the current implementation is not worth a 7 pc bonus of the supposedly best set in the game

  • Does not stack with KOTBS Encouraged aim (Verified 22.03.2020)
  • Does not stack wtih SW Crosscut (Verified 22.03.2020)
    → Too high redundancy to be useful in small scale fighting
  • Does not proc of AOE attacks
    → No utility for large scale fights
  • Does not proc of auto attacks
    → Rather limited up time

  • Let it stack with other crit increasing abilities and let it proc of direct damage including auto attacks
  • or replace the proc with the “Target takes 5% more damage for 10 seconds”. As far as I know there is only one ability in the game that increases the damage taken by the target (Engis Signal Flare with Tactic) which also only has 50% uptime. This means lower redundancy with a proc that meshes well with slayer mechanics.
  • or replace the proc with Boost V: Higher crit chance and more crit damage. Might be a bit over the top on slayer due to their mechanic
  • or Replace the proc with a new Proc: On Hit: X% Chance that attackers ignore 10-20% of the target's armor for the next 10 seconds.

8 pc bonus: Can’t Slow Me Down: Root Breaker 2min CD

Problem: The 8th piece bonus of the supposedly best set in game should be something worth it. While mobility is an issue on the slayer another snare breaker every 2 min is not going to change it. You’re still limited by the movement speed of your guard tank.

  • Can’t Slow Me Down: For the next 10 seconds you will ignore the negative effects of your Rage, 2 min CD
  • or Can’t Slow Me Down: You will immediately go into Berserk, 2 min CD
  • or Leap: Pounce like ability similar to vermintide 2, 2 min CD

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#2 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 8:34 pm


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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#3 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:00 pm

Pretty good suggestions on the 8th piece skill and most of your suggestions are valid for the offensive sov tank set as well.
Gryyw - Ironbreaker

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#4 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:15 pm

I Support This.

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#5 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:24 pm

Good Post. I agree that many of the stats are defensive, and it would be nice to have more weapon skill instead of toughness.

I also agree with the +2 mastery being best for trollslayer as it allows for the most variety in builds.

I think the main problem with the set is actually the 7pc proc, because it doesn't stack with other crit buffs and doesn't proc very much. I would much prefer something with armor pen like the 7pc proc on invader, even a nerfed version of it. Slayer/Choppa are much more concerned with armor pen than crit imo, without good armor pen your killing potential is lower than other dps even though slayer/choppa is supposed to have lots of raw damage and be more glass cannon than other dps.

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#6 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:26 pm

Lot of discussion/thought went into these suggestions, fully support them. We're still seeing many slayers and choppas run full invader/beastlord instead of Sov or mixed Sov/Warlord; even incremental fixes to the proc would encourage more build and gear diversity for the classes.

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#7 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 9:47 pm

I'll just add that personally i would also prefer 7pc proc to be focused on armor penetration - either through some form of flat bonus effect (basic proc, stacking proc, rage-based bonus, etc) or through massive Weapon Skill buff, something like Vanq set, but without the toughness debuff part.

It was very nice and straightforward when Invader set would take care of your armor pen and let you invest stats/talismans into other stats like all other DPS classes do (even dps healers)

In current times this is even more important because City sets have raised armor values all across the board even more, especially with those defensive sets.

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#8 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:06 pm

I definetly agree with Cimba
Taking full best set should be rewarding and on choppa/slayer it definetly isnt.

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#9 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:30 pm

hmm looks good maybee with this change will be reason to farm sov

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Re: Thoughts on King’s Ransom Battle Kit (Slayer Offensive Sov Set)

Post#10 » Wed Apr 01, 2020 10:43 pm

Agreed mostly, even if my hope remains that all +2masteries are removed from endgame sets.
7pc Sov should be better than running 5pc Sov + 2 pc Conq from 2017...

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