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A modest proposal for the SW

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Re: A modest proposal for the SW

Post#11 » Tue Oct 19, 2021 11:36 am

I dont know if SW is the same, but fixing the SH jump back (or knock back) would go a long way to fixing some slight issues with the class, quite often this jump back will fail and it will just be an aoe snare.
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Re: A modest proposal for the SW

Post#12 » Tue Oct 19, 2021 12:18 pm

This coments how sw is brokem just facepalm. Its literally worst dpsin entire game rigth now. No one will ever use tactic slot for guerilla. Sw just meat for WE rigth now when u can die inside one stun combo in melle stance with 8k hp. In terms of kite only def mechanism is self cd, witch is totaly not enough. In trivia u just get 1slow and u in world of pain. While SH have knockback and free speedbuff. SW need huge buff that will make melle sw viable melle and range sw something that can really kite. But every argument of destro is BROADHEAD OP NERFNERFNERF. Just make sw and then make bw and see deif betwenn dps and half of it. Or made lion or wh and see where is viable melle class and where is half of it. BTW that poumce crap added to we was straith kiling sw in term of defending themselves against them. Not to mention that WE is pure toxic nobrain crap that dominates in every aspect of game from rvr to city, not to mention even more cancerdef build. But yeah make a jokes about sw and poor topic starter that just cant express full despair of situation. Sw now is stunfesterbot with low burst, broadheadspamer, or a melle with no antisnare stealth and other melle class. RIP

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Re: A modest proposal for the SW

Post#13 » Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:18 pm

in that story, i would start with changing stance to assault to disarm WE. then postern.

you are in sniper spec. leave assassin skills to WH.
for scouts, distance is key.
when someone approaching, eye contacting, you do pre-kite.
you should learn to detect target lock. like radar. it costs 10k death though.

in mid-range kiting mode, back and forth skirmish - assault.
guerrilla training will buy you distance.
broadhead, shadow sting, spiral arrow is your shot. and ofc snare.
if somehow they caught you( eventually ), jump back.
after that, there's so many scenario.
changing stance in the air - land and stun shot - rapid fire - fell the weak finish.
or another fester shot
or again kite to death

all this with range but you might say assassins just pop.
in that case, accept death. it's their role, anti sniper by tradition.
i would use that opportunity to test how long i can survive. assault, disarm, jump back, kite etc.
rarely helps arrive in time. distance from ally is as important as enemy.

lastly steady aim.
it's one shot finisher. save it for snb tank with 30% hp. VoN + SA + fester is surprise.
i admit it's super rare. few targets survive 30% hp for 3sec. either getting heal or killed by assist in a sec.
still it's good to have option to surprise 3k dmg.

ps. skirmish and assault have whole different combo and playstyle.
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Re: A modest proposal for the SW

Post#14 » Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:28 pm

Sinisterror wrote:
Tue Oct 19, 2021 10:05 am
I tried to help but there is no helping you=) GL
I dunno friend, you were a great big tool about it. I don't know who told you that was helpful but I don't think they were helping you.

All the same I managed to pick out a couple of ideas from that briar patch. We will see how they work out.

I’ll let you know. :)
anarchypark wrote:
Tue Oct 19, 2021 1:18 pm
you should learn to detect target lock. like radar. it costs 10k death though.
You are NOT wrong.

I find myself mid-range way more than I like and being set up for long range that just leaves me to run for the hills.

I am thinking I should have something that works at that mid range because its just going to happen.

Close range is just death. That’s the way it is. Accepted.

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