3rd Bitterstone Thunderers RPRvR Dwarf Guild is recruiting

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3rd Bitterstone Thunderers RPRvR Dwarf Guild is recruiting

Post#1 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 8:13 am

ATTENTION! News as of 06.03.2017

It seems the Bitterstone Thunderers Guild have gotten the Guild Bug. That is shown in having zone change and loading disconects galore on your characters.

For that we have found a new Guild and are moving with all members there and then deleting the old guild. So move in the next two days. After that the old Guild will be Kicked free of members.

Video Part 1 the RP Part of the Server Event: The High King vs the Warlord.
It shows our Parade in front of the High King Thorgrim Grudgebearer.

Click here to watch on YouTube



Greetings Recruit!

Welcome to the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers Regiment.

Updated to T3.

What we are we lore wise:
The 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers Regiment is a dwarven military unit hailing from the mines of Ekrund. If you look at the dwarven chapter 1 you will see some NPC Thunderers guarding the mine shafts and hanging out in the tavern.

What we are in Game:
We are an Event RP Dwarven Gunline Guild. Meaning we meet every Wednesday for the Engineer Event. Fighting in a Warhammer Fantasy Battle like Formation. Pictures, and much more information are in the Event Link. On the Events we maintain a military structure. Meaning that I'm currently in command and issuing the marching orders and the leading of the formation in open RvR.

Link to the Event: http://www.returnofreckoning.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=4135&start=20

And our Guild Website.

But these are but words. See what it mean to be part of this Guild.

Our Youtube Videoplaylist.

And here is Part 1 -The Basic Training.

And Part 2 - Formation Combat!

The 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers sing Dwarfs of Ekrund on the Battlefield!

And how we are attacking from the destro perspective:

What you can expect:
On any other day we are on as real Life permits it, Leveling, Looting, Public Quests and grinding. Most of us have a private life and will be on mostly weekdays and weekenddays from 11 p.m. (gmt+1). And talk in light Roleplay dwarven style. So no 2 pages long backstory of any character, just some Dwarven cursing, grobi smacking and elgi fun. One of us will most likely be on every evening and we can do SCs, PQs and everything else. But the lifeblood of the Guild is really the Weekly Gunline Event. Main lagnuage is english, but we also have some german players. So in any guild channel or party channel we talk english. What you scream to the outside world at a battle or in private chat is completely yours.

What do you bring into the guild?
You are a playing a dwarven character and not named L00t0r79 or any other non RP name. Update: The dwarven Name regulation will now be enforced. All dwarfs on the roster as of 21.09.2015 will stay in the Guild. Any new recruits will ne doubl checked by guild leadership.

You are an Engineer, Runepriest, Ironbreaker or Slayer. Your character hasn’t to be on the Top Gear and skill level. In Nordland you can have a Level of 1-12. Of course you can fight better in RvR with a Level 12 dwarf. As we now rock through the T2 RvR area an at least Level 11 Dwarf would be good.

Voice Chat
We are on Teamspeak 3 now for communication.
There is no must for the use of this, but listen to the lead helps a lot in RvR.
No requirement to talk there.

As we are dwarven military unit, a uniform is of course mandatory. Engineers need to wear at all times the Bitterstone Uniform once they hit T4. For a complete guide see our guild forum.

There are the four basic rules:
No Helmets
No Capes
Body Armour with Norscan Farmer Grey and Graveyard Earth
Everything else in different leather (brown) tones, or a mix of leahter and Norscan Farmer Grey.
I have Seen in the past a lot of different combinations on all other Thunderers regarding Boots, gloves and shoulders and most of them seem right. Really important is the main body color.

Longer description:
Engineers please set their helmet on "hidden" the only exception to "hidden" is the official headgear or if you are an Officer or Sergeant. So the helmet counts, but is not seen.
No Capes. Capes please set to "hidden".

For Engineers:
With appereance activation the NEW Uniform Guidelines are activated, please see the Guild webpage for the Uniform Style. You dont need to dye any of your armor parts. Please see the Guide:


For Runepriests:
All Colors more or less should be Necron Abyss. You can try to combine Necron Abyss with golden letters, white letters or something like this. So it hasn’t to be always first and second color Necron Abyss.
As for the Engineer the Main body color should be at least Necron Abyss so you will be recognized on first sight as a Member of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers.
Boots, Shoulders, Gloves can be of your choice. You can use leathery tones for Boots, or metal likes for bracelets and gloves. Or if you have too much gold, you could dye all in Necron abyss, it’s your choice. Also you can use for exapmle Iced Blue to let the runes shine on your armor.
But please stay away from signal colors like pink, neon or stuff like this.
On Event, Capes set to = “Hidden”
On Event, Helmets set to = “Hidden”
Weekdays you can wear them.



For Ironbreakers:
Kregan Ironfist has recently designed the Ironbreakers colors for the Regiment.
Main color is Necron Abysswith Gold linings from the Armor.
As for the other classes here also the following rules apply.
Body Armor, main color should be Necron Abyss as for the melee fighters.

Body second color, Gloves, Boots, Shoulders can stay as they are in their basic color OR can be dyed into Necron Abyss. Choice is up to you. Also you can use for example Iced Blue to let the runes shine on your armor.

Shields are the one with the Red B-rune on it. As these are not "Bind on Equip Items" you need to use the "trick" to change your shield appearance as described on the Guild Website for the Engineers Shoulders.
On Event, Capes set to = “Hidden”
Helmets can be worn openly.
Weekdays you can wear everything.

For Slayers:
No uniform settings for Slayers. Troll Drengis are a mad kind and don’t give much for uniform code, even when they are part of a regiment. Please stay away from to bright and non Roleplay colors. Like Pink, Neon, Iced Blue and so on. If you want to resemble some kind of Uniform you could change the colors of your trousers to Gotrek Grunisson style.
Meaning White and Blue (Necron Abyss) lined trousers.
On Event, Capes set to = “Hidden”
Weekdays you can wear them.

By joining the Event you will start as a Recruit. After two successful event appearances you will be promoted into the rank of Thunderer. If you want to take responsibility in the guild please contact me and you can be later promoted into Standardbearer, Musician, or a leading role.

Whom to contact?
Look out for:
Lesti or Drengk or our Main recruiter Arthur.

On the Events while we march we will sing some dwarven songs. But you don't have to do much as I will sing most of the text. You and the other dwarfs will sing a line of the refrain.

The two main Songs are Dwarfs of Ekrund and Under the hills and far away.
So if you like you can build a macro for each of the refrains. These will be the refrain of the two main songs we sing on the march and in the tavern and sometimes on the Battlefield.

1. For Dwarfs of Ekrund
/say Dwarfs of Ekrund!

2. For Under the hills and far away
/say Under the hills and far away!

Full text for Dwarfs of Ekrund (Based on Men of Harlech from the Movie Zulu (1964)):

Dwarfs of Ekrund stop your dreaming
Can't you see their spear points gleaming
See their warrior's pennants streaming
To this battle field

Dwarfs of Ekrund stand ye steady
It cannot be ever said ye
For the battle were not ready
Stand and never yield

Form the hills rebounding
Let this war cry sounding
Summon all at Ekrund's call
The mighty force surrounding

Dwarfs of Ekrund onto glory
This shall ever be your story
Keep these fighting words before ye
Dwar-ves will not yield

Next Steps:
The Event will in the future take place every second Tuesday currently in T3. The Guild is growing and in the near future after I have gathered some officers the Event will be held by one of them, and me hanging back, or only leading the Roleplay part of the Event. Also we will start some T1 Events where we roam Nordland on our T1 Dwarfs.
Once Banners are introduced we will need to appoint a Standardbearer. Most likely in person of an Ironbreaker.

Bitterstone! ... Advance on my Position!
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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#2 » Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:49 am

Looks like we're in business! Attention! Prime and load! Aim! FIRE!
Rorgi Stonehelm, Longbeard of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers
Drengk Burloksson, Sergeant-major 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#3 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 1:45 pm

Are you guys still active?

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#4 » Sun Jun 21, 2015 2:45 pm

What do you mean with still? The Last Post is 3 days old. :)
Next Event is on 01.07 at 8 pm gmt+1.

If you are interested Contact Lesti in Game or come to the event.

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#5 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 7:40 am

I just created an Engy, but she's only R8. I'll grind and get her ready for next Wednesday.

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#6 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 8:21 am

From the Event Thread:

Good, good.
Best to make you an at least lvl 11 Engineer or any other dwarf profession for the event. We have at least on set of Bloody or equivalent lvl 11 Gear to bring you up to date. If you havent made an dawrven character please take a lore friendly name. Or something from the novel "The dwarves" from Markus Heitz. Every german dwarf fan will be you friend in an instant. Image

Yesterday I made some ad hoc gunline in RvR. Well three dwarfs are hardly a Gunline, but the first reaction of one of the orcs was:

"Frak stunty gunline!"
or something like this. I will post the screen later. This tells me that it works at least in the way of harassing destros. Image

So please tell me your ingame name.

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#7 » Tue Jun 23, 2015 3:35 pm

Still making late hours but I am online in the mornings!
Rorgi Stonehelm, Longbeard of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers
Drengk Burloksson, Sergeant-major 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#8 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:47 pm

Looks like we made it to the RoR twitter!

Rorgi Stonehelm, Longbeard of the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers
Drengk Burloksson, Sergeant-major 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#9 » Wed Jun 24, 2015 1:52 pm

Aye, recruiting numbers should be skyrocketing on the next Event. :)

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Re: 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers - Dwarven RP Gunline Guild

Post#10 » Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:58 am

We where last night in the RvR Lakes and made an ad hoc 3 Engineer Gunline.

It was some good Action, and I learned a lot what to do, and what not to do with the Gunline.
Also I used the situation to talk some other Engineers into in joining us on 01. of July.
And I geared up Drengk and Bartrima and we colored our Uniforms into a consistent Style.

The thin Blue Line. ;)

@Drengk, Bartrima, when you outgrow your Gear, please collect it for further use in the guild and next Event.

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