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LF NA Guild PvP

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LF NA Guild PvP

Post#1 » Sun Jun 07, 2020 6:23 am

Two players relatively new, RR14-17 on a few chars. Looking for guild fights/guidance.

Playing on Order NA timezones EST/PST mix, currently SM + Lion (Lion may switch healer in near future). Thanks!

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Re: LF NA Guild PvP

Post#2 » Thu Jun 11, 2020 12:41 pm

Hey there not sure if you guys found a guild but I am the leader of wrecking krew with New/returning group to the game. We are all currently in the t2/t3 level range 17-30ish but have recruited a couple 40s over the last few days. We have 2 set guild nights every Tuesday/Thursday starting at 8pm est, usually starting to group up around 7:45pm.

We do usually have people around playing the other nights doing SC groups or grouping up for rvr. We are currently looking for all classes to join our team. We do have some requirements of members and those are
1. Must have discord for guild groups
2. Good attitudes
3. Able to take constructive criticism
4. Listen to the leader when calls are being made
5. Thick skin( we love to joke about anything and mess around with eachother a lot)

Outside of that we just a chill group who have been enjoying being back and smacking destro around ;)

Hit me up on discord if you would like to talk Hadan#5589

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