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The Balance

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 7:10 pm
by IIGuardianII
Just throwing this out there as an idea, feedback is always welcome!

Name: Ordered Balance/Destructive Balance

Purpose: Cross-faction guilds to maintain balance in population and skill. This can enable more competitive gameplay and even allow for mentoring to help improve one another as a community by challenging others and ourselves in skill and tactics. This can also improve community interactions and minimize and/or eliminate new player frustrations with lopsided populations and constant lose of RvR and Scenarios.

Basics: With the ROR Discord server and/or a guild Discord we could converse amongst each other who would be the best switch to the other side (since we would have the best knowledge of each other's skills through fighting with each other and against each other). This would challenge us on a personal level and as a guild as a whole and make for a more fun and challenging gameplay.

This is just a rough draft and again feedback is always welcome!