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The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#11 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 7:40 pm

Hello, I am very interested to join your guild (trial period first)
On destro, i play a magus mostly, Antamek (rr60) and i have a RP on order side Broduin (rr42)
i also have a mara and an engi but with less rr.
If you are interested, dont hesitate to whisp me ingame or here :)
thanks for reading !
Ghatisork - rr7X
Antamek - rr80
Antamekh - rr5X
Ciliren - rr50X
Asgream - rr6X
Broduin - rr4X

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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#12 » Fri Nov 09, 2018 3:02 am

Recruitment Post updated

We are looking for a Tank Player. (Classes= Chosen + SM)
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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#13 » Thu Nov 22, 2018 8:09 pm

Recruitment is still open for 2-3 more players for our warband roster;
preferred picks;
SM, BW or KOTB, the higher RR the better, but we can gear you up fast enough if needed
since we xrealm when needed; the player should also have a valid Destro Warband character of decent RR and gear, preferably Sorc/Magus/Mara/Chosen/BO/DoK/Zeal

see Original Post for more details, or contact any officer on forums or in game for further details.

Classes which we do not want on Order; WL, SW, Slayer, Engi, WH, IB, AM
Classes which we do not want on Destro; WE, Choppa, SH, BG, Shaman
rest can be negotiated with recruitment officers

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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#14 » Wed Dec 12, 2018 4:02 pm


recruitment is currently closed.
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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#15 » Sat Dec 15, 2018 4:46 pm

Dam just when I was gonna apply

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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#16 » Mon Mar 02, 2020 2:06 pm

Our recruitment is still open, for good players with viable warband classes. (+60rr at least, depending on class etc)
This means, Bright Wizard if you like dpsing, Knight or Swordmaster if you have a shield, or Runepriest or Warrior Priest (special application if you happen to be a 200 high IQ Archmage and have mastered 4dimensional puddle placement while morale pumping with your mind)

Generally we expect people to have viable classes on both sides, as due to server pop being what it is, we might switch from one side to another, if it gives us better fights. We aim to keep a full 24 roster, which means some people might flexibly join p5 or enter WB according to changing needs etc, if people leaving early or arriving late during raids, etc.

Current raid schedule is Mon + Wed, 20 servertime, but also various amounts of 1-2-3fg roaming on some offdays depending on whats happening in RvR.

If interested, contact officers in game or PM via forums.

some of our videos from various POVs;

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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#17 » Mon Mar 02, 2020 3:53 pm

As it is now, specific class needs.


Swordmaster High Demand

Knight of the Blazing Sun Low demand


Bright Wizard Medium demand

Runepriest Very High Demand

Warrior Priest Medium Demand

Archmage - special case,

Other classes aren't needed at all.

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Re: The Unlikely Plan [TUP]

Post#18 » Mon Mar 09, 2020 1:37 pm

If you are looking to be part of something organised, reliable, bigger and better then read below

Do not bother wasting my time if you are ragequitter, emo, or loot ***** and not serious about teamplay.

We play both sides, so you need to be open to this also... because sometimes you run out of enemies on the other side and server population (most of our mains are destro, but now we are more order lately because of balance and challenge and too much zerging) so instead of have easy peasy raid or ghost town raid... we sometimes mix things up a bit to get some action. So don't be a realm hero and see the bigger picture.

We are one of the best large scale guilds around on both sides... we want to be the best, we are pretty good and can always be better. We have been one of the most dominant guilds for a number of years, usually top kills etc etc. There is plenty of our videos to see what we get up to from time to time.

We are looking for team players who are serious about their orvr experience.

Core classes open to recruitment... Rank 40, ideally higher renown and decent geared, but worth enquiring if you are near the thresholds and are interested.

Knight of blazing Sun
Warrior Priest
Rune Priest

Classes that are niche and only want best in slot due to very limited spots, very high renown and word of mouth recommendations

AM... morale pump/puddle/healer
IB... SNB Harras/Kite

Classes not interested in
Engi / SW

If you are interested about joining on trial contact a recruiter in game
some recruiters below
Sentret, Aurandilaz, Mossela, Wam, Sunkal

(If playing on destro side... Tanks = Chosen/Bork... DPS = Sorc/Mara ... Healer Dok/Zealot are core classes and good to have)

Cheers for reading
Wamizzle Guild Leader [TUP]
Wamizzle Guild Leader [The Unlikely Plan]


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