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Current Overall Class balance?

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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Current Overall Class balance?

Post#1 » Fri May 08, 2020 11:04 pm

Hello there.
I'm a returning player and I'm wondering about the general class balance.
I've tried looking around class forums, but it mostly talks about builds and how SW should be avoided.
Ideally, I plan to make one class per race (1 empire, 1 dwarf, 1 elf, 1 chaos, 1 DE, 1 ork), and I'm trying to balance these around.
So if you could share your experience with each class about how they perform in each situation (Solo/scenario/warbands) and how they compare to their mirror class (IE sorceress VS bright wiz) that would be most appreciated.

If I get enough answers, I'll try to compile them into a single post.


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Re: Current Overall Class balance?

Post#2 » Fri May 08, 2020 11:31 pm

Most people care about city balance, I mean that is technically the endgame and it does feel pretty shitty when you aren't wanted for the thing the whole game revolves around. For instance magus/engineer are amazing all around classes that new/pug players will enjoy a lot but for city they are bottom of the barrel, as well as most organized content.

It's easier to just say what classes on each side have problems then which ones don't from a city prospective.

On order the problem classes are

Engineer: Really fun to play solo or just casually but fall apart completely when people are building serious groups.
IB: Outclassed in every way by SM/Knight and don't have the unique and good tools BG has
SW: Hello AoE department called
AM: Worst healer in the game, however it does have 1-2 spots in organized warbands as a res/pump bot and top tier players that use EoV will destroy the meters if left alone by destro.
WH: Exceptional players with very good gear have proven it can be good in city, for the other 99% it's terrible and no one gonna take a chance on a random WH in their WB.

On destro...

Magus: same as engineer
WE: see WH
DPS Z/Shaman: same as order, however DPS DoK is not too shabby even after being curbstomped by nerfs.
Ranged SH: Same as SW however MSH is insanely strong

As you can see order has more problems (and a lot of DPS AM's)

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Re: Current Overall Class balance?

Post#3 » Sat May 09, 2020 1:08 am

I'll try to give you a breakdown for small scale, large scale, and specific money making capabilities

High elves
WL - great in small scale, good in large scale
SW - great in small scale, can be OK in large scale
SM - great in both
AM - bad in both

WH - good in small scale, OK in large scale
BW - can be good in small scale, great in large scale
Kobs - great in both. OK butchering.
WP - great in both. Good for scavenging.

SL - great in both. Good for butchering/scavenging.
Engy - can be good in small scale, good in forts, can be OK in cities. Good for butchering/scavenging.
IB - great in small scale, can be OK in large scale
RP - great in both

Dark elves
WE - great in small scale, OK in large scale
Sorc - can be good in small scale, great in large scale
BG - great in small scale, can be good in large scale
DoK - great in both

Mara - great in both. Good for butchering/scavenging
Magus - can be OK in small scale, good for large scale. Good for butchering.
Chosen - great for small scale, good for large
Zealot - great for both

Choppa - good in both
SH - good in both
BO - great in both
Sham - can be OK in small scale, OK in large scale

In essence, if you want to play a healer: dok/zealot/WP/RP are solid, dok and WP being the more versatile;
For tanks: most will be a solid choice, but IB and BG aren't as meta in large scale
For dps: WL, SL, Mara, Choppa will be good for everything.
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Re: Current Overall Class balance?

Post#4 » Sat May 09, 2020 3:13 am

If you choose 1 Dark Elf, I advocate for Black Guard :) Very fun class, equip a 2hand weapon. Preform well in large and small scale. and if you play one chaos class I'd advocate for Zealot or Mara, I enjoy these 3 classes the most in the game right now personally.
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Re: Current Overall Class balance?

Post#5 » Sat May 09, 2020 5:21 am

If you want to pick only meta classes and still hit the biggest variety of class types and races, there's not much variety on Order Side:

Tank --- Swordmaster --- KotBS --------- KotBs -------- Swordmaster
MDPS -- Slayer ------------ WL ------------WL ------------ RDPS Bright Wizard
Healer - Warrior Priest -- Runepries --- Runepriest --- Runepriest

For destro, there's:

Tank ------- BO --------------- BG ------- Chosen --- BG ----- Chosen --- BG
RDPS ------- Sorc ----MDPS - Squig ----- Squig ---- Squig --- Choppa -- Squig
Healer ----- Zealot ---------- Zealot --- DOK ----- Zealot -- Dok ------ Zealot

God i'm probably missing a bunch of destro combos that work. Almost like Destro has more warband friendly meta classes. Hmmm...

Edit: added a few more cause I was bored. I'm thinking I spent too much time on this :lol:
Detangler - 40 DoK armor talisman farmer
Deetangler - 40/83 Chosen tankbot/murdermachine
Deeetangler - 40/6x Zealot healbot/talisman factory
Tanglers - baby Swordmaster
Other 40's w similar names.
Dabbling with RoR again

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