About Maps, chapters and gear

In this section, you will find some advices and basics to start quietly ingame. Question like " I'm lvl 1, what shall i do?", "What class shall i pick?", will find some answers in this place.

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About Maps, chapters and gear

Post#1 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 7:25 am

Hi there.

I'm new in WAR RoR and I have a lot of questions about the game.

Yesterday, I was doing quests and P.Q in T2 (Empire vs Chaos map) when I decided to visit other maps looking for PVP or RoR to increase RR. I went to Elves vs Dark Elves Map, more precisely to Bright Isle and I saw it was like the first map in EvC (T1), for new characters, with P.Q and other sorts of quests. Here I started wondering ...

1. Why do we have different maps? EvDE, DvO, and EvC.

2- Is there any difference at completing Empire vs Chaos than completing Elves vs Dark Elves? Different rewards maybe? Better or worse progression? More or less PVP (RR)?

3- As a High Elve, should I complete EvDE first?

Regarding Chapters

4. What do we get by completing chapters (besides the influence gear)? Worth completing all the chapters? For all the maps?

Finally, regarding gear

5. Worth investing time in P.Q / PVP in T2 and T3? Or is wiser spend the time in levelling and RR to start working on rep for RoR Gear Sets ASAP? In other words, If you (an experienced player) had to start again with an alt, how would you plan these things? What would you do? I ask this because (sadly) I'm a casual player (atm) and I can afford wasting time. I would like to take profit for every single hour I play. Right now I spend most of the time in P.Q to get gold bags, but it takes time because the low population.

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Re: About Maps, chapters and gear

Post#2 » Wed Jul 24, 2019 8:10 am

1) the original design was that every race had its own starting zone. High elves vs dark elves (blighted isle/ chrace), dwarfs vs greenskins (ekrund / Mount bloodhorn) and empire vs chaos (nordland /norsca). On this server (and the original servers later on) every order character starts in nordland and every destro character starts in norsca, so the thin population isnt stretched even more and makes finding parties easier.

2)not really. the rewards you get in empire are pretty much the same you get in the other zones. Ofc you have different quests and lore, and follow a different storyline, but the rewards from public quests are 100% the same. However, you might find a few specials for each different pairing, like tome unlocks or hidden rewards like fancy cloaks or trophy unlocks, so its always worth to check them out (you might want to watch a guide if youre going trophy hunting) :P
Additionaly, you get twice as much influence in your own pairing if you like to farm influence rewards.

3) considering the loot really doesnt make any difference, i wouldnt say so, no. The most newbs will be hanging out in nordland/norsca, so youll have best chances to find other players for public quests in these two zones. If youre doing RvR a bit later on, make sure to visit all tier one RvR lakes in each pairing, because they offer different influence rewards. (you can do this if you want to, you dont have to. some ppl say **** it and simply level out of tier 1 as fast as possible so they can play with the big guys and earn better equipment much faster - its your own choice.)

4) no its not really worth to complete all chapters. to be honest PvE - while being pretty funny if you run a few pqs with a party - is not really the focus of RoR. while the dungeon sets are pretty good later on (mount gunbad / bastion stairs), you should always make sure your renown rank (purple bar) keeps up with your level, so you can buy the high level shinies and pots. except for the tome unlocks and influence rewards completeing chapters doesnt give you any other rewards that i could think of right now.

5)Make sure to find yourself a nice, active guild that can support you and help you understand and progress through the game. it will make your life a lot easier. :)
whatever you do in tier 2 (be it PQ or RvR), make sure to get yourself talismans and slot your gear with it. If you play RvR, you will get bolstered to a very high level and your stats will also get a bonus. this bonus increases a lot if you slot talismans! So pimp your whole armor with these shinies and youll have a much easier life playing with and against the big guys. you can run a few pqs for the pq armor which isnt bad, but if you want to play more rvr thats also possible. there are players which mainly do PvE (farming mobs and doing PQs) and once they hit lvl 30, they go farm the Ruin Set which drops in tier 4 PQs and is a nice set for beginners to help them not being completely destroyed in tier 4. Find a guild and play with them whatever they do. if they do RvR warbands and have a spot for you, hop right in. if they help you level through pve thats okay aswell. everything you do is much easier and faster with a party that knows the good grinding spots and can keep you alive in pve and RvR.

PS: the last char i levelled was a black guard. i took a party of real life friends and we pretty much did public quests all the time. we did a few scenarios here and there when they popped, so we could get some renown points. But the leveling process was pretty much pve only and was quite fast. we all had full ruin gear after a week.

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Re: About Maps, chapters and gear

Post#3 » Mon Jul 29, 2019 8:21 am

Thank you very much @saupreusse

Definitively, I will look for an active guild. On weekend, I ran with a random party in T3 and after a couple of hours, I ended with half Mayhem gear set, filed up two whole influence bars (chapter 11 and 12), got a lot of stuff (and gold from it) and experience.

I have noticed that RvR in Order is kinda unstructured. WBs going from map to map, from BO to BO like headless chickens, getting wiped over and over by Destro's WB dense and packed as a plague of flies. It was a little bit frustrating so I tried Scenarios and I found them more playable, funny and profitable (as for RR and Officers/soldier emblems). I think SC gear set is no that good but looking how RvR goes here it will take ages getting anything from it.

I have a couple of question. I know where to go for Soldier and Officer emblems/medallions (RoR and SC tier 3) but where I have to go to get "Vanquisher" or "Conqueror" emblems/medallions? I got 1 Vanquisher medallion running in a WB @Avelon, but we didn't do anything special (we sieged a keep but we didn't take it).

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Re: About Maps, chapters and gear

Post#4 » Wed Jul 31, 2019 7:07 am

To add to whats already been said; Some chapter rewards and public quest bags will give you access to gear that has some visually distinct models that you can't find anywhere else. As such, if you're a collector or trying to unlock Warhammer Online's TRUE endgame, Fashionhammer, then it might be worth your time exploring these areas a bit. Aside from that, doing all the chapter stuff unlocks little lore bits and contributes to Tome unlocks for other goodies. Mostly for completionists though.

As for getting conq/vanq medallions, you need to be a higher renown rank and they will drop normally in t2+ RvR or SCs. I forget the exact ranks for each one, but its usually every 10 levels. It also depends on what rank your target is when you kill them, I believe.

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Re: About Maps, chapters and gear

Post#5 » Wed Aug 07, 2019 5:14 pm

Thank you Kaori.

I have tried SC and RvR and I have noticed everysthing you said is right. SOme times i get higher emblems/medallions than expected and I guess it's because I get credit from lucky strikes on almost-dead destro with higher RR.

I have noticed that the upper Im on the board (SC), the better are the rewards. And I dont need kills to be up there, healing, supporting or interacting with the scenario (mechanics) improves the overall result in the end.

Thanks to that Im getting more rewards now. Im nowhere close to be able to kill anybody. Im underdog yet.

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