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My theory about the warband crash

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My theory about the warband crash

Post#1 » Sat May 14, 2016 6:59 am

This is just a theory based on what I have seen while I have been playing.

I do not think its a malformed packet.

I think it is a desync between the client and the server based on who is in the warband.

Example of how things should work.

Lets say a player is in slot 7.
Said player quits/logs off or is some how removed from the group.
Server sends a update packet to client telling the client the player is removed from slot 7.
A new player attempts to join warband .
The spot the server picks is slot 7 and send the updated into to client.
client updates with that players info.

In this example I have a feeling there is a disconnect between what slots are open on the server and what clients have gotten that updated info.

What I think is causing the client to crash

So said player leaves warband and slot 7 is updated. The update packet only hits like 5 of the 19 players that clear that spot in the warband. The others still show that player in that slot. A new person join and the server send that update info to the client to place the new player in slot 7. The players that never got the original player removed from the list crash out because its trying to put the new player into slot 7 but it is already filled. This causes the client to freak out and crash.

Also, when changing areas I noticed the client refreshes the warband list.

Again, this is a theory and it would explain why you do not see anything wrong with the packets. The packets are all correct, its more a timing issue.

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Re: My theory about the warband crash

Post#2 » Sat May 21, 2016 2:23 am

idk now basically 90% time i make /rel client crash, it also happened that /rel or soft disconnection totaly freeze my pc( happened 3 times alredy.)
It's some how linked to party member position inside the ui, i even got crshed twice while at pq after re-entered in the open wb.
I tried to keep party fresh by moving ppl around every in a while and it seems to prevent it but with partys fixed this do not explain the in-fight crashes.
It's hard keep track of every movement inside the warband but i think you can be right maybe every time a member leave or swap you need yo have a real reflesh as you fly

-->this happened in live and if someone remember enemy ui freezed for 1 sec when you swapped 2 ppl, in ror it's like istantly and sometimes something seems go wrong and later make you crash.

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