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PQs since latest update 2/17/16

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PQs since latest update 2/17/16

Post#1 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 6:10 am

Ok, so I have been testing this stuff for the past few hours and here is what I have found

The PQs are working correctish, from what I can tell the PQs in the not so farmed places Dwarf T1 and T2 seem to work correctly still, but after you complete the PQ and get the loot box or fail the PQ the reset timer ticks down but it does not reset, I figure this is what is causing the other PQs to look broken, They was completed once and then they went thru the reset process they freeze up or just don't reset, I did get a message from the server twice after completing the PQ successfully, something along the lines of

<PQ Name> says: missing context something, (not exactly sure what it says but I know I got the message on more than 1 PQ once the reset timer started, ill complete another one real fast and tell you exactly what the message says so hopefully it will lead to a fix)

Hope all this info helps

-Rinhart Griffonbane


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