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Helping anywhere

Post#1 » Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:46 am

Heya ROR Team,

First off, thanks for all the effort in bringing this amazing game back to life... until today, I still compare ALL MMO's I have played, or think of playing to Warhammer Online, as I consider it to be one of the greatest I have ever played. The best day of my life (like 2 - 3 weeks ago) was when a friend told me this game was back. I now play it again... every day. The plethora of memories it brings back are something else... I also have a few friends coming back to the game after I told them about it.

Currently I am main'ing an Archmage, something different from the DPS / Tank mains I usually play. My AM's in-game name currently is Archbane, however my game handle is always Banelight. I made a different character with that name, and could not use it again after deleting and re-creating. So most of my characters have the word "Bane" in them somewhere ;)

I would also like to put my name up for assisting anywhere possible, as I would love to be able to contribute towards making this game come alive again. Do you guys take contributions (financial) as well? IF possible, I would be happy to contribute in this space as well, and know a few people who may also be willing to assist here. Every bit helps. PM me if this is an option. I'm from South Africa currently so our currency is not as strong as others, but I know some from UK who may also be willing to help. I am currently part of the Celtic Fists guild on the Order side, and I suspect there are a few members there that would also love to help / contribute to making this game a success again.

About me:

Im am turning 40 early next year, and have been playing games and MMO's for many years now. Ironically, I was never caught up in the whole WoW fever back in the day, as I tried the vanilla WoW, and couldn't get into it. My first addictive MMO was actually Warhammer Online, hence the passion for this game to succeed again.
I'm am one of those guys who you know you can always depend on, and tend to always be just behind the leader, making sure things work as intended. I am also a very calm person, who has a very thick skin and excel at conflict resolution and keeping the peace. I have the ability to lead when necessary, but this is not my primary role. For this reason, I though being an in-game GM / Moderator would be something I could add immense value as. I am also moving to Australia (from South Africa) at the end of the year, so could assist with those time zones as well. However I can assist in other areas as well if needed.

My professional life exists in the IT fields, with my specialty being in the Information Security fields. I currently hold a senior management position in this space.

Please feel free to PM me should you feel I could assist or add value anywhere.

Keep up the awesome work, and I look forward to the full comeback of Warhammer! :)
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