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GM AU/NA Chopfings

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GM AU/NA Chopfings

Post#1 » Sun Jul 30, 2017 11:39 am

Greeting All,
I am interested in the role of Game Master for the ROR ALPHA Project, There seems to be little GM's on for AU (For all the peeps down under) time if any, i'm also active during the NA prime aswell. I also play both Order and Destro, if need be.

I played on live (enjoyed every second of it) and understand whats fair and what is not, i am also able to give suggestions if needed for the ROR experience.
I've done GM roles before on games before and understand the job 100% such as GTA and Rust ect..

I defiantly put in around 4+ hours everyday. So times online are never an issue, And finally i also know how to have and good time and have fun :P

Thanks for Reading

Regards Chopfings :D


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