[Language Forum Moderator] Application for Cyttorak

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[Language Forum Moderator] Application for Cyttorak

Post#1 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 10:09 pm

Oi oi again, ROR team!

This is my application for the spot of Language Forum Moderator for Brazilian Portuguese(PT-BR).

My name is Newton, I'm from Brazil, 31 years old and I work as Designer for a big national retail company. About my education, I have a bachelor's degree in Design, and I'm in the midle of a specialization in Mobile Applications Development.

But I already said all that on my [Designer] Application on Misc section, please check it out when you got the time: viewtopic.php?f=49&t=22272. There I shared my photo, how I think I could help the project, my range, and why I wanna join the team. I also mention there how much I want to pay you back for the opportunity of reliving this amazing game. By that I mean I'm willing to invest a lot of my free time, to help you make this project continue growing and getting better, and one way I'm sure I can help is translating whatever text that needs translation to my language, Brazilian Portuguese(PT-BR), being that for the forums, in-game translations, publicity text with specific target... Hope you see that I want to help, to the best extent of my capabilities. Whatever it is, I'm game.

I believe I meet all requirements for the job, but the forum participation, I suppose I could quickly boost it using any popularity tactic but that's just not how I do things, it would only mask a result to achieve a goal, what would that say of me? I really Hope that's not a big issue. You can track my posts and you'll see that they are either one of these natures: constructive responses that instigate discussion, fan art or praise for something I like. And besides my low activity, I don't know if you keep track of how much time players spend on the forums, but if you do, you can see I'm here a lot, mostly looking for quests, something new I found out or am curious about, and keeping track of a few topics that got me hooked.

One specific requirement that I think should be considered for this specific spot is to write well in the language you are applying for, and in that path, I worked for 2+ years in the marketing division of the company I work today, writing articles for newspaper and both physical and online magazines, both designing and writing advertisement and publicity campaigns including posts for facebook, cards, billboards, store instructions for both inside and outside customers. After that, I started working at the position I work today, one of my characteristics that stood out and helped me getting the promotion, was my good writing. I still do many activities that require those skills like extensive documents with technical description of functions for every project I design, descriptive memorials sent for the whole company, daily, weekly and monthly reports of specific activities.

I play ROR everyday, I'm usually around from 19:00 - 00:00 AMT(Amazon Time), thats UTC/GMT -4 hours. Sometimes I play a little more, others a litle less, but that's a pretty reliable window.

Did I forget anything? Probably yes... If you wanna know anything else, see my portfolio or do an interview via skype or discord, let me know.
Hope to hear from you soon.
- Newton


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