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After each round of recruitment, previous applications will be moved here. When we open positions in the future, those interested should post a new application.

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GM application

Post#1 » Sat Jul 29, 2017 4:16 am

Hello my name in game is yeppers CO-GM of Break A Wish foundation, i am very interested in the GM positions available, i am retired so i have alot of time to spare, as well of having alot of in game experience, and knowledge about this game. My real name is Richard, and i live in NA, but available any hours. i am 37 years old, and i enjoy and always enjoyed playing this game and on this server. i cannot thank the whole ROR team enough for bringing this game back. i have led alot of guilds in the past and have alot of leadership experience, and have 0 tolerance for cheaters, anyone who tries to exploit to get ahead further than the game allows. i look forward to hearing back from the ROR team, and staff when the decisions are final. All have a wonderful day.

Yeppers-CO-GM Break a Wish Foundation


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