Application as a Roleplay GM

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Application as a Roleplay GM

Post#1 » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:51 am

Application as a Roleplay GM

Greetings RoR Dev Team,

this is my application to work as a Roleplay GM in the RoR project. That position doesn’t exist at the moment. But I think there should be one. ;)

The Roleplay GM is not part of the Developing or Bug fixing team but more part of the community team regarding the server.

His possible tasks are:

Help and support in player organized Roleplay Events. Like showing up as a celebrity or a monster in a roleplay session. We did that already in the past with a GM at our side. But it always needs the GM to have time for us, and us too. With one of us being a Roleplay GM we can do it more spontaneous and frequently.

Fill the capitals with life and act as peasants or celebrities walking the streets and interacting with the players. Using their sound outputs to increase immersion.

Spice up RvR with sightings of Dragons, Griffons, Gyrocopters without breaking or interrupting in the RvR itself. Or turning a destro warband into a group of Skaven for a brief time. But with a warning in front to the other side about that to happen.

Use Battle Cries and Soundoutputs in general RvR.

Devrights should be:
Change appearance of Players
Change appearance of himself
Change Appearance of Weapons to fit the lore
Activate sound files from the Database

My Person:

I’m 36 and working in the Application Management of a big german car maker. Meaning UNIX/Windows Server Support, a little SQL to get something out of the Database and general Software Development in the past as a developer and project manager. On top ticket and change management to get things done.

Ingame I’m Lesti Ardisson, leading the 3rd Bitterstone Thunderers since two years and generally trying to spice up the RvR Experience with Dwarf, Empire or Goblin only Events. Everything to give the players and opponents some kind of Warhammer feel. Like they are not only fighting vs another bunch of players on the other side, but versus another Warhammer unit. I’m a #dwarfplayerforlife. Not just Order, but 99% of the time a dwarf. ;)

So a heavy potion of my Roleplay immersion will be centered around the Empire/Dwarfs/Greenskins as I have the most funded lore background information on these factions and can jump instantly into character.

I’m quite active in the Forum with promoting our Player Events, or the 24vs24 warband fights. Planning, advertising in forum and ingame, recording and posting videos after the events to give players a feel of what we do at these events. Ah, and I’m always saying ‘we’ because I have usually one or two long time members from my guild to help me with the events and planning.

Past organized Events:

Around 65 Dwarf Warbands
2 Greatsword Events
1 Pistoleer Event
1 Elf Event
2 Goblin Events
1 Magus Hogwarts Event
2 24vs24 Warband fights with a full Dwarf Warband on Order
2 Ekrund Tavern nights roleplay tavern
2 Felix and Gotrek RvR and Altdorf appearances

Assistance from my lads and me on:
Writing Questtexts for Keg End Event
The High King versus The Warlord Event. Writing Texts and choreography. Acting in the initial part.
Writing Questtexts and lines for the 2nd Server Birthday RvR Hero fights.

Online time:

Weekdays usually 7pm till 8pm Altdorftime and often later at the Evening 11pm – 1am.
Wednesday running the Dwarf Warband 8pm – 11pm Altdorftime
Weekends, very limited time online.

So this is my application.

The goal; Spice up the Warhammer feeling, even more than we do it currently! :D


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