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Tough? Fair? Helpful? Being a GM is one of the more confrontational and thankless jobs on the server. If you would ban your own grandmother for breaking the rules, come put in an application.

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Post#1 » Sat Nov 16, 2019 2:59 pm

I hit the activity mark quite comfortably. I would put my activity at an average of 6 days week, if not 7, varying with work schedule. The bulk of that time is spent on EU afternoon and prime hours. I would be willing to use the GM for large portions of that time, but issues are usually made know through in game chat and it's quite easy to keep an eye out for issues through there.

Thick Skin
I have witnessed the flak that members of the team have to deal with, though I do appreciate that I have probably neither seen the worst of it nor the full extent of it. I do not anticipate any problems with regard to 'losing my cool', or that in any way leading to some form of rash action. I am old enough to have experienced the early days of the internet, when getting trolled and avoiding sex predators on mIRC was a daily struggle. I have a thick skin, and getting angry on the internet is not something I fancy an indulgence of.

Forum Participation
I have been active on the forums for a long time. However my post-count (as you can note) just barely scratches by the required limit. Though I consider myself active, that activity is limited mainly to reading threads and keeping up to date with changes and discussions which are of interest (the meme thread being one of them) - these generally tend to be around class specifics or skill and stat tests. I find it interesting and helpful when members of the community take time to do thorough tests on stats or changes and subsequently deliberate over the impact on the game, builds or meta. (For example the toughness analysis)

Game Systems
I believe myself to be familiar, to an above average level, with the game systems. This familiarity is based solely from my play experience and what I have read on forums or tested myself. I try to enjoy the game on a competitive level, and for that reason try to learn as much about RvR systems (forts, doors, siege equipment, zone lock requirements, etc). I also accept that there is more to learn and at times also discover that my understanding of how I believed something to work, is wrong. With regards to RoR commands, issued and workarounds - I am completely in the dark and would have to familiarize myself.

If for some reason I find myself unable to deal with a decision or opinion I disagree with, then I will amicably step down. However, as I will mention, my reason for applying is not for an active role in any of the decision making processes, so I will deal with decisions and opinions in the same way I do now, which is to consider them outside my sphere of influence and therefore no reason to feel passionately one way or the other.

Team Communication
I do not have experience with PhPbb, but again, am willing to learn if required. I am as active on discord as in game, probably more so, and github is fairly straightforward.

I do understand that a certain level of professionalism is required when interacting with players and staff.

I'm mostly interested in the smooth day-to-day running of the game and campaign. The areas i'm interested in are Name / Chat moderation and the occasional unstucking of players, or unbugging of rams, or zones, or so on and so forth. Basically only the little snags that hamper the smooth running of the campaign and the experience of other players.

I am on the server discord and available to chat to if required.
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