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Engi - regarding bandolier proposal

Proposals which did not pass the two week review, were rejected internally, or were not able to be implemented.

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Engi - regarding bandolier proposal

Post#1 » Sun Oct 07, 2018 7:13 am

Sorry about this post I missed my chance to contribute to the last one as it is closed so I understand if this gets deleted.
Take my thoughts the same way for Magus too, they suffer the same way, magus more so bc they don't have keg to lean on to survive dots.

Played every spec/spec combination of both classes at my current RR with every gear setup and tactic setup just fyi but that will no doubt be taken with a grain of salt

As for my thoughts on Bandolier, I do like the idea of making redeploy more available. Thought I feel the gun turret deactivation is not necessary as it can't be exploited to gain an edge, for either path. Those full burst Rifleman (the spec that doesn't need more mobility) don't use Grenadier spec trees and the fact it takes a tactic slot automatically makes it undesirable and will result in a greater damage loss overall, casting redeploy also takes a gcd - not optimal when the goal is to basically try to kill an unsuspecting squishy in one rotation. Now if a Grenadier were to use a gun turret, they lose 30% of their dot DPS and their mobility and ability to cast whilst running, huge disadvantage. The only reason a Grenadier would use a Gun Turret is because they may be all but useless at the range they're supposed to be at because it may be too dangerous (this happens a lot vs mara pull squads and sorc 1 shotters) its not to gain a damage advantage, but rather so they are not sitting idly waiting because they have too small a window of opportunity. Overall I feel if this tactic was implemented it as it is described now it honestly wouldn't be used in any spec except maybe a full tank tinkerer purely for the sake of survival

I feel the weakness of just about any spec is how easily the turret gets demolished and we are forced to wait 10+ seconds each and every time before we can reach max damage potential, changing turrets? -0 stacks, that's 20 seconds + worse if you don't have instant turret tactic, that's 22 seconds of standing by your turret waiting for your damage to ramp up. And this is huuge for a tinkerer engi, basically what makes it unviable atm. Melee slap your turret, it falls over and next its your head being blown off by a sorc (not that he was really struggling with your 50% disrupt at 8x stacks anyways)

I've thought long and hard about how to make a change and the only thing I can suggest without tipping the scales too far is to grant Grenade turrets and Flame turrets with faster stack generation, I'd say 30% to start with. This applies to magus as well, the reason this isn't as dangerous as it looks is because grenade and flame damage will never be instantaneous or bursty and you'll generally have a lot of time to react to their damage and LOS to heal. I would also suggest to not remove all stacks when switching turrets, keep the penalty the same as when rebuilding the same turret (-4 stacks).
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Re: Engi - regarding bandolier proposal

Post#2 » Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:38 pm

Feedback taken into account, but putting this into rejected as we are not taking proposals on the matter now.

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