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Hi, new player

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Hi, new player

Post#1 » Fri May 17, 2024 10:40 am

Hi just started recently playing as I was looking for a pvp focused mmo without the bollocks most of them come with and this one seems to fit the bill.

Have been trying out a few classes but just wondering if there is anywhere to view the low down of what each classes specifically does?

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Re: Hi, new player

Post#2 » Fri May 17, 2024 11:19 am


Each Race has 4 Archtypes:
Tank, Healer, Melee DPS Ranged DPS
I gonna list classes and their Order/Chaos counterpart with a short description that does not go to in depth:

Ironbreaker/Black Guard: Tank with highest skillcap, not only do you need to guardwap but also you can assign another type of guard to a teammember that benefits from most skills that have buffs attached to them if you are close to them.

Sword Master/Black Orc: Tank that has conditional skills available depending on the stance you are in, your skills switch those stances. Many people who play this suffer from a disease called plan b and i wholeheartedly can reccommend anyone who is overwhelmed with changing ability icons to play Knight or Chosen instead.

Knight of the Blazing Sun/Chosen: Easiest class in the game. You have auras that empower you and up to 5 teammates with different bonuses. Because of that it has massive group utility that virtually anyone can play. (Does not slack behind in anything compared to other tanks)

Runepriest/Zealot: Healer that focuses on instantcasts and big heals, has "i believe" the highest focus healing capabilities

Archmage/Shaman: Hyprid Healers that are capable of dishing out great healing while also delivering okay damage pressure. Has the highest skillsceiling and highest healing output possibilities if played to perfection

Warrior Priest/Deciple of Khaine: Focuses on channeled aoe heals and can be specced to play viable(depending on content) melee healer and dps builds. lowest skillfloor healer, so great to start out with

Slayer/Choppa: Aoe focused melee glascannon, needs a guard to excel at combat. You deal tons of damage but due to the classmechanic also get more dmg

Witch Hunter/Witch Elf: Stealth focused assassin of RoR. playes like you would think has combo points and can contrary to it's appearance be build insanely tanky. Excels especially in smaller scale fights.

White Lion: Has a pet (like squighearder) but is enterily melee oriented. Has great mobility and ticks all boxes if you enjoy bruiser style gameplay.

Marauder: Has 3 different Stances (like Shadow warrior) that enable you to have access to different skills. Excels if you but in the effort to actually learn and understand the synergys that the class offers more than other classes. (similar to Archmage and shaman)

Engineer/Magus: focuses on AoE Dmg with big range. Has long rampup time due to dot focused combat (excels at pve farming and has occasional usage in solo tagging and utility focused group rvr activities

Bright Wizard/Sorcerer: Typical mage class with a classmechanic that gives dmg backlash the more you fight. Great Aoe and ST pressure but needs a healer to not blow yourself up.

Shadow Warrior: The Archer of RoR that uses 3 stances (like marauder) to ahve access to different skills. Can also spec into a melee focused build. The class suffers from balancing changes making the class irellevant to some content depending on the current balancing status and meta.

Squig Herder: A hybrid archer class with a pet (like White Lion) that focuses on Ranged Combat but can also spec into a melee aoe focused bruiser build. That way you will jump into your squig, making you looke and be refered to as a meatball. The class gives lots of room for different playstyles and always had shifts in meta during the life of the server making it a great choice if you want to focus on one class and want a lot of different playstyles.

These are just my humble opinions i gathered over the years playing every class to at least 40/40 except for WH and WE...because stealth classes are for P*** we all know. :) For more in depth info you might want to narrow your desired class selection down and than ask again, or get in touch with a guild and ask for advice. In contrary what many observe and voice, the playerbase is pretty helpful
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