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Hello, im new :)

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Hello, im new :)

Post#1 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 1:00 pm

Hello all. im 1st timer here, saw Youtube video (LazyPeon) for this game and wanted to check it out. Im stuck with class type choosing.. i took sword warrior first, because it had bow and sword, but it doesnt feel good for me enough... Now im trying Sword master, (i love 2h weapons) will see how it goes for that, but i dont know 9apps :P

I would want to hear some insight from players what to play.. Im mostly playing DD, but can handle every type of class if needed.
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Re: Hello, im new :)

Post#2 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 3:06 pm

Welcome to the game, hope you'll have a good time!

You can't go wrong with a tank class since tanky tanks are always welcomed and sought after. Plus playing one in the beginning will be a lot easier to get to know the game, it's mechanics, timing and range. Then come dps classes to get that need for dmg out of your system and finally healers to see what you were doing wrong all this time ;)

2H SM is a lot of fun to play but be sure to have shield and 1h sword in your backpack for those times you join rvr groups - increased block and hold the line goodness go a long way (even if 2H looks cool).

Be sure to keep your armour up to your level (rvr or scenario sets are usually the best there is but pve ones are decent alternative). Slot some talis into them as well - either buy them on AH or craft them yourself, Warhammer has really easy crafting system.
Read up on your skills as they come along, switch and tinker with how they are placed on your skillbars (personally I switch to 4 bars first thing after intro to get used to lots of skills and their placement). /assist your teammates and always keep an eye on your healers - dead ones don't heal ;)

Enemy addon is a must (enemy is your friend and it really makes life easier). Buffhead is second one you should have on all classes. State of Realm will give you up-to-date info on rvr campaign. Rest is up to your personal preference though I must admit that I cannot function without pure addon giving me clear HP and AP bars as well as enemy HP %.

Don't shy away from asking other players for help in /ad or on forums. Explore the world, there's a lot of fun content out there and the best environment to learn how your skills work is pve. Join parties and warbands for rvr, running solo more often than not will get you killed. Follow your warband leaders and find a guild - there's a lot of nice and helpful people that will give you a hand and teach you the ropes.
Last but not least: don't rush with your xp, in Warhammer Online renown (pvp xp) reigns supreme.

See you on the battlefield!
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Re: Hello, im new :)

Post#3 » Tue Jan 26, 2021 4:57 pm

Welcome to the game. I hope you enjoy your time here. The community might seem a bit rough around the edges, but people are usually nice once you get to know them.

As for your class picks, I think it might be wise to stay clear of Shadow Warrior. They all have decent specs, but this is a very competitive game, so decent specs are sometimes not enough. Also, currently there's quite a lot of them and not much demand for the class.

Tanks on the other hand are always in demand, but only when they use Sword & Shield. There's already loads of discussions on them so i recommend visiting the faction sub-forums and just looking for the class tags in the titles (Kotbs = knight; IB = ironbreaker; SM = swordmaster).

If you pick a tank remember that realistically you will be doing more utility than dps. No one except small-scale teams really want 2h tanks.

If you do want to go DD on order, the best classes are Bright Wizard and Slayer, followed (at some distance) by White Lion.

As a new player, I would recommend starting with a ranged class, until you get to hang with the game rules and tactics (don't worry, almost everyone here has 2+ high level toons, leveling is not too hard). It's not mandatory though; a tank will be fine as well.

Some other general tips:

- join a guild; this is a community-heavy game, you need people to do stuff with; usually guilds advertise on LFG channel (/5) but you can also search for guilds using the in-game menu (just open the guilds panel). Pro-tip: First # in the guild table header orders the list by online players

- whenever in a RvR zone or in a SC, pick up the repeatable quest. Besides the XP, these are a good way of making money as well.

- the ideal leveling path is reaching Renown Rank 50+ before you reach max level. This is actually not hard to do, with the use of XP scrolls you can buy form any Quartermaster in any warcamp (these lower your XP intake by 75%). The reasoning is that once you get to level 40, you will go straight to vanquisher medallions/gear from RvR

- when in RvR below 40, you get a buff called Bolster which increases your stats to make up for your low level. In order for this buff to be is efficient as possible, you should always be wearing the most up to date gear available. Visit the gear vendors in altdorf regularly

- Around level 37-38 you can start 3 epic quest chains in each T4 zone respectively, which all give very good weapons by the end. Depending on classes, these are mostly soloable. You can find detailed links to all of them and how to complete them here: (notice: link to see rewards is a bit buggy, common practice is to complete all of them to the gear part and then decide which pieces of gear you want)

- someone has been very nice and made a cheat sheet with useful links about the game, you can find it here: viewtopic.php?f=113&t=40739

- but besides that you can generally also find useful information at the beginner's sub-forums, here: viewforum.php?f=113

Let me know here or in a private message if you have any more questions.
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