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Gerwulf introduction

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Gerwulf introduction

Post#1 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:33 am

Hello, I play "Gerwulf" ingame.

This is the first time I've taken the thought to extend a metaphysical olive branch and say hello to the greater community at large here who play both Destro and Order, with the latter hopefully including those APEX and I have yet to thras-... I mean, "meet" on the battlefield. (Blood for the Blood God)

As an individual I wanted to take the moment to thank all of you for making the server the way it is. I've returned recently, as of a couple of months ago from a several year Hiatus. Thankyou to the Developers who just keep on bringing us content and to the GM's who are accommodating to the best of their ability (When they feel like it). Thank you to those of you who give it life both sides of the Order/Destro spectrum. It is clear to see that there is a distinctly niched yet consistent population; names that pop up often whom breathe activity to this world we engage pixelated wars within. I wanted to take the moment to thank you for making it interesting. It'd be boring without you. I enjoy being challenged, and several of you have managed to push a gear dependency on my Guild when it comes to our Warbands clashing. It's a great driving force that has seen APEX develop over the past six weeks tremendously. Keep it up boys and girls! Khorne cares not from where the blood flows, ONLY THAT IT DOES FLOW.

In regards to my own efforts within the game, I've been bestowed the title of "Warleader" when it comes to the landscape and battle management of the guild APEX when we take to the RvR lakes and Cities. And it really has been my honour. As a developing community I consistently find that it is a precious gem and has really kept me hooked when it comes to pursuing daily content around my professional life. It really is my personal pleasure to play with the guild and I consider it a honour to be accounted among their number. It's a open minded, tolerant and non toxic community that enforces a sense of maturity that hopefully expresses itself with how disciplined we practice to be within the RvR lakes.

If you see me in RvR do pop me a wave. I'll wave back (Perhaps with an axe if you're Order). If you're lucky you might get vomited on. Trust me when I say I do it to add atmosphere to the moment. It takes people back a few mental steps when they get vomited on mid battle more often than not. :D Definitely draws attention to the environment at large, makes it personal. I enjoy making the battlefield more interesting. Take the vomit as a compliment, Nurgle is simply bestowing his blessings. Let him in, let him crawl inside. Let it fessssssteeerrr.

When it comes to my opinion on the Server population at large as of late I've found the Destro side to be overmatched, Order Zerging more often of not. A good trend being around 50-70 more order players than Destro during European and NA peak hours. It forces me to push ever harder against all odds ;) Kinda counterbalance to the lore right? Where are the hordes of Norsca and the Barbarian WAAAAAAAAAAAAGHS of Orc?!?! I know there have been times where Destro dominated, and it fluctuates with the changing of the moons and the rising of the tides. Yet this has been directly impacting as of late. And it's a real shame that Destruction has lost a lot of its number over the past few weeks. Here's hoping for the echoing call of Destruction to beat within the hearts of ROR players at an ever grander cadence!

Saying this I understand the statement "the Grass is always greener on the side you're standing" and as someone who exclusively plays Destro for the quality of the players there and the connections I've made. I understand that Order, even though they seldom manage to win Cities have got a solid core who do drive the Order agenda through consistently on the Battlefield. Certain guilds who are certainly active when it comes to RvR and take justified and rightful pride in their accomplishments. I salute you as one player to another. Keep it up. :D Bring it on!

(Little picking comment:) Zerg does not equate pride! Quality over quantity! DESTRO DESTRO DESTRO!

Jokes aside. It's my pleasure to meet you all. I hope for many more engaging confrontations on the future. APEX and I will not let up, chaos WILL consume this world. Altdorf will burn, I will see to it personally!

BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! Flowers for the Flower Thro-... Errrh...

P.s. A big shoutout to P&P, TAOW, Freebootaz, TUP and Eternal Chaos for their accommodating attitude and cooperation when it comes to PvP. These guilds directly influence success across the Destro Landscape and it really is a privilege to fight beside them on the battlefield. Here's to more victories!
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Re: Gerwulf introduction

Post#2 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 1:55 am

gorbane - choppa

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Re: Gerwulf introduction

Post#3 » Fri Jul 03, 2020 4:20 am

Greetings! :D

Green iz best.

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