Ug der lats

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Ug der lats

Post#1 » Tue Apr 07, 2020 3:11 pm

Hey im new on RoR, played like every mmo in the past, mostly UO and EvE.... im playing chars on both sides, Engi and Shaman, looking for chilled people to play with who likes good music and playing this game to have fun (im 40+, so i dont discuss this topic with 20 yr old kids....!). In my free time i ride bikes, mostly supermoto and listining to RocknRoll/metal/rock music.
My main language is german, so dont blame me for my english. :D

My char names are starting with "Smodi" and end with "c", "z", "s"... dont be shy and add/flame/kill me :o
"We were Pk'ing in Pong!"


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